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— for heir. a jaywon au. in which province boy Kulas (pjs) goes to the city in search of his brother who went missing, as he roams aro...

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eyy. #NeverAgain

"synéchise" - greek word means keep going - pronounced as si-ne-hi-se

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eyy. #NeverAgain

Code: Synéchise A sunki au wherein kio (nk) a man with a fcked up life, drunked call an unknown number happened to be sai (sn). As an an...

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gait (a male who models)

When people say “whiteness is demonic” they are trying to assume the sale of a religion. They have words that mean something special insi...

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I decided to write thread on Bhakti poetry on #worldpoetryday2021 but couldn't find the perfect translation of the poems written by Saint...

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Hanky 🍷

Venga, va, os comento un poquito mi experiencia con el tema de las bajas en una conocida cadena de supermercados, no sé, llamémosla Merca...

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Για τα παιδιά Η ΝΔ θα μπορούσε να πει κανείς ότι έχει μια κάποια "εριστική" (sic) αντίληψη για τα παιδιά σας/μας: 1. Το #χαμογελο_του_π...

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أ.د. عبدالله ‌المسند

1 عندما يكون #الغبار في السماء لونه مثل لون #الضباب يميل إلى اللون الأبيض فهذا أخطر أنواعه على الجهاز التنفسي، وهو الغبار العالق #المنقول...

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Mengu Kagan

yurtdisi teknoloji sirketlerine muhendis / gelistirici olarak gitmekten ve sureclerden bahsedelim biraz. gideyim de nasil olursa olsun di...

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Shine McShine

1/ Este hilo es fantástico y explica a la perfección el terrible desabastecimiento a nivel nacional de fórmula infantil que está sufriend...

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Miguel A. Lurueña

En Estados Unidos hay una enorme preocupación por la escasez de leche infantil. Y no es para menos. El tema tiene mucha miga, así que os ...

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