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Natalie Jones

1. The University Museum of Zoology Cambridge has a collection of fluid preserved deep-sea invertebrates collected from hydrothermal vent...

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Men Money Mindset

20 Unspoken Rules For Men: 1. Never shake a hand sitting down.

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خبرگزاری لاله

نیروگاه اتمی متسامور ارمنستان خطرناک‌ترین نیروگاه اتمی جهان در منطقه در این ویدیو از این نیروگاه را معرفی کرده و دلایل خطر و آماده باش بو...

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جُک‌های مردم شوروی، از بهترین جُک‌هاییه که مردم یک کشور علیه حکومت‌های دیکتاتوری‌ خودشون می‌ساختن. این‌ها رو نمیشه جُک‌های عادی به شمار آ...

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Mac 🐺

Many #altcoins have seen x2 to +10,000% price spike pumps such as this one in the recent weeks 🚀 this is how you profit 👇🏽🧵

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Matias Mowszet

Hoy se va a dictar sentencia en el juicio de Vialidad y será, con total seguridad, la primera condena a Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. ...

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(๑-᷅ з -᷄๑)

when we get older ···「jikook au」 the jungkook of the present is sent back in time to 2014. jimin is instantly smitten. cue baby jungkook...

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Kamil Galeev

National Divorce Within the next year Russia will spiral into a deep political crisis. There is a nonzero chance that it may scale up ex...

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Sairam Sundaresan 📚

Implementing ML algorithms 101 Over the past decade, I've successfully implemented hundreds of machine learning algorithms and papers. ...

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Patrick OShaughnessy

Have been lucky to meet with or study hundreds of companies in 2021. Here's an ongoing list of company attributes that I find interestin...

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sol ☀️

au where flx is hj's hyung, their families are good friends, and both sets of parents expect hj and flx's younger sister to end up togeth...

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El Gusty 2.0

Samuel Benner, ricco proprietario terriero dell'Ohio, nel 1875 pubblicò un libro sulla previsione dei prezzi degli affari e delle materie...

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