What is the purpose of this site?

Make Tweet chains more readable and forever accessible. But then I thought that it would be better if we could convert tweet to PDF format and take a picture of tweets. The project has become this. I know there's a lot of bug right now. Tivitiko will become better over time. I developed the project because I was bored and I got free time at that time. I started this project to better understand Spring Boot during the last year of my university. That's all. Last, If you'd like to contact me, I left my email address at the end of the page.

-İKO 👑 Team Leader

Who developed this shit?

İKO ➡ ️Back-end

Generally: Java, Hibernate, Heroku, Spring, MySQL and of course IntelliJ IDEA

made with ❤

Bobi ➡ ️Front-end A.K.A. "come on brother come on!"

Generally:Thymeleaf, Less, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

made with ❤

Cicikus (RIP) ➡️ Tester A.K.A. "Aşkuş Cicikuş Babacık"

Generally: Windows 10 i <3 Ubuntu , Firefox Quantum, Google Chrome

made with ❤


You can donate - if you want - for server charges. 😜

Can I make donate?

Of course!

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in the future?

  • Membership System
  • The page where you can create your own thread list.
  • Create and post threads to Twitter.
  • Twitter Bot (just tag @Tivitiko account below a tweet and reach the thread link)

How can I contact to developer?

Team leader's mail address