sakuatsu // CEO kiyoomi, college student atsumu CEO kiyoomi where kiyoomi likes to go to a little Cafe every morning before he goes back home to work. he sits at a little round table next to a blonde boy who seems to be sketching something.

he doesn't think anything if it at the time but what peaks his interest is when the blonde gets a phone call and soon after goes on a rant about how he doesn't think he has enough to pay for the rest of his college tuition.

the cracks a joke about how he should get a sugar daddy. kiyoomi glances over at the blonde a few times, trying to listen in on his conversation to the best of his ability. "i should get a sugar daddy to do it fer me haha" the blonde laughs as he jokes

with whoever he's talking to. kiyoomi was never interested in the whole sugar daddy thing, even though he did have a lot of money. he just never knew what to spend it on so he ended up saving it. you could day that he was a millionaire at the young age of 23.

he watched as the boy packed up his things and headed for the door. kiyoomi followed him as he walked down the block to head to the station. "excuse me sir?" the blonde stopped in his tracks and turned around. "can i help ya?"

"i don't want to bother you, but i couldn't help but overhear your conversation." atsumu blushed in embarrassment "oh haha, y-yeah that was a joke" kiyoomi looked somewhat disappointed "oh, well i thought that you could do me a favor in exchange for your college tuition"

atsumu felt his jaw drop, there was no way this man could pay the rest of his tuition all on his own. art tuitions are expensive after all. "yer pulling my leg here sir, what exactly do ya want?" kiyoomi chuckled at his country accent.

"well, my family is hoting a gala and they expect me to bring a date" atsumu raised an eyebrow "i was hoping you could be my date? it would only be for a few hours." atsumu thought about it for a second "i wouldn't keep you somewhere you didn't want to be-" kiyoomi was cur off

by the blonde agreeing to his proposal. "yeah i'll go with ya" kiyoomi stood quiet for a moment 'is he really going to do something with a stranger? just like that?' he thought as he stared at atsumu blankly. "life's been pretty boring lately so why not?"

kiyoomi stayed silent in shock. "w-well alright then" atsumu chuckled at the man's flushed face "give me her number so i can call ya" the two exchanged numbers and kiyoomi watched as atsumu walked away.

~ some time went by and kiyoomi gets a text from atsumu *texting* atsumu: hey rich man kiyoomi: you can call my kiyoomi atsumu: alright, so when is this party? kiyoomi: it's not a party, it's a gala and it's this weekend atsumu: THIS WEEKEND?

kiyoomi: i could practically hear you scream through the phone, and yes, we will get you fitted for a suit on Thursday. atsumu: i can't afford a fancy suit bro.. kiyoomi sighed at atsumu's last text, he knew he wasn't getting the hint.

kiyoomi: atsumu, i will be paying for everything, inuding your tuition as long as you do this one thing for me. atsumu: so ur paying for everything that i want? kiyoomi: are you getting it now? im your sugar daddy for the time being. atsumu squealed in his seat on the couch

osamu had heard him and asked what was wrong "nothin samu" osamu raised an eyebrow. "what are ya smilin at yer phone?" atsumu looked up at osamu "im going to a gala with a rich man" osamu stayed quiet, he could throw atsumu's phone right about now.

he ended up scolding atsumu for being so reckless and trusting strangers too easily. ~ the week had gone by and it was time for atsumu to meet kiyoomi after class. kiyoomi had taken his east flashy car because he disnt want any attention drawn to atsumu.

"this is a really nice car mr rich man" atsumu said as he walked over to kiyoomi whom was leaning on his car, scrolling on his phone. "i told you, you can call me kiyoomi" atsumu had made a face like he was reminded of something "right that's yer name.."

kiyoomi sighed, knowing this was going to be an awkward car ride with a bunch of questions coming from atsumu. "so, is this your first time?" kiyoomi chuckled at the question "having a sugar baby? then yes, this is my first time" atsumu stared at kiyoomi for a moment then

went back to looking out the window. ~ once the two got there, kiyoomi had atsumu try on almost every outfit in the store. from ivory colored to navy blue. "i don't like this one kiyoomi" tired, kiyoomi told atsumu to change into his regular clothes. "so what do you want"

atsumu gave kiyoomi his signature puppy eyes and asked for a dress. kiyoomi had no idea atsumu wanted a dress so he asked one of the employees to get the dress atsumu had described. once atsumu came back out of the fitting room wearing a long black skin-tight dress

kiyoomi almost choked up at how breathtaking atsumu looked, ofcourse he would never say it out loud but atsumu did look beautiful. "what do ya think?" kiyoomi snapped out of his trance and stuttered while forming a sentence "y-you look great.."

kiyoomi trailed off as he kept analyzing atsumu's figure. 'was he always this petite?' he thought as he looked at atsumu's waist. ~ a few days had went by and it was time for the gala, kiyoomi and atsumu had got there in kiyoomi's flashiest car.

once they got inside they were greeted by a beautiful woman "kiyoomi honey, so glad you could make it- oh! who's this?" atsumu perked up once he was noticed. "this is my date, miya atsumu" atsumu smiled and shaked the woman's hand "it's very nice to meet ya-you"

kiyoomi gave a small smile to atsumubthen looked at his mother. "oh, a country accent, thats..different" they chatted for a while, then kiyoomi excused him and atsumu to greet the rest of his family.

they were approaches by a older looking kiyoomi whom was already pretty tipsy. "kiyo! hey, who's this pretty thing~" kiyoomi forward his eyebrows and pulled atsumu closer. "you reek of alcohol, and this is my boyfriend."

continuation of this ⬇️⬇️

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