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I now own 1,024 public IPv4 addresses which are worth $60K It took 3 months on ARIN's waitlist and it cost $500 I can do this a max of 3 more times, 90 days between each request In the end: 1 year wait, $244K+ worth of IPs, only $2K in fees Here's how

First, a brief history - • 1960s APRANET invented TCP/IP • 1980 IPv4 formalized with 4.2 billion addresses • 1998 IPv6 created as a replacement with 340 undecillion addresses • 2011-2015 All registries exhausted their IPv4 pools • 2022 IPv4 blocks selling for $60/IP

Why not just use IPv6? After almost 25 years, IPv6 only has 35% adoption. If you only support IPv6 65% of the internet won't be able to reach you.

I became aware of the cost of IPv4 when I noticed the same server from Vultr with IPv4 was $1/month more than the one with IPv6 Doing the math - we have 2,120 servers with them, each has IPv4 $2,120/month to rent those addresses So I started thinking what if I buy my own?

In March 2020 I reached out to Brander Group about buying a /20 (4,094 IPs) At the time prices were $20-23.50/IP

I asked for a discount if I buy a "dirty" /20 These would be IP addresses previously associated with spam or hackers Reputation can be improved, it just takes some work to get removed from the blacklists He had a dirty block for $19.50/IP

The math worked out - If I was able to secure a $1/month discount from Vultr for bringing my own IPs it could pay for itself in a few years, and the IP block would be an asset that could appreciate in value over the next 5 years Just one problem... it was March 2020

I decided I better hold onto cash at that time and revisit the idea later... Later turned out to be October 2021

Prices had doubled

Expensive, but I was still bullish on IPv4 appreciation... The CEO of Cloudflare commented that he also felt IPv4 was not going away any time soon I was ready to buy

But then I found out about the waitlist If you meet certain requirement and are willing to wait, you can potentially get up to 4,094 IPs (4X /22 blocks) for free ($500 is just a yearly registration fee for keeping each /22 active)

I assumed the waitlist would be a waste of time and didn't give it much thought But surprisingly, while I was tweeting about IPv4 back in October, a few people reached out and let me know they were able to get allocations from it So I figured I'd give it a try...

The first step was to create an Organization Identifier - basically prove that I own a legally registered business within the ARIN service region I submitted that on Oct 7 After explaining what my business does and signing some docs I was approved on Oct 22 Org ID LNL-99

On Oct 29 I submitted my waitlist request, asking for the maximum allocation size which is a /22 I had to provide information on how we would use the IPs and our current bill with Vultr helped to show the number of IPs we currently use which would be renumbered with the new IPs

ARIN distributes to the waitlist on a quarterly basis so I had to wait until January for a potential distribution even though my request was approved in November

In case you were wondering how it's possible for inventory to come back to ARIN when prices for the IPs are so high - there are only three ways: 1. Voluntary returns (unlikely) 2. Revoked due to non-payment 3. Additional allocation from IANA (not happening any more)

So basically these are IP blocks returned to the pool for non-payment on registration dues, and they even hold it for a year after the missed invoice, but lucky for me some people still let their blocks slip

Of course, you need to have a legitimate use case for the IPs Don't be this guy

One thing to note, IPs acquired from the waitlist can't be transferred (sold) for 5 years

There is one exception though - selling the business instead of the IPs

I'm as surprised as anyone that this actually worked 😅

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