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A lot of people have the desire to improve their copywriting skills.. But when the time comes for practice they don't know how to go about it If I were to start all over.. Here's how I would practice writing copy while building a solid portfolio at the same time.

The first thing you need to know is... As a newbie copywriter everything you write is shit. No matter how much you think you've learned from reading copywriting books and analyzing old sales letters.. The moment you decide to start writing your own stuff...

You're gonna be bad.. At least for the first couple of months... You need to get your reps up before you start thinking of writing anything worthy of entering your portfolio.. Luckily there is a way to come up with endless real life products to write about

Go to gumroad(dot) com.. There's like a thousand products there. Pick a product then try to write copy for it using techniques you learned from the copywriting courses you've taken or books you've read Do this for 10 - 15 products. This should last for about a month or two

Note : When writing copy for these products don't submit it to the owner to tell him that you rewrote the copy for his product.. Like I said earlier... There is a good chance that most of what you write during this period will be bad..

Wait until after you've written for at least 10 products then you can move to phase two.. Phase two is pretty much the same as phase one. The difference now is that you can start to offer to help these gumroad creators rewrite their product copy

This time target creators who have not fully blown up yet.. (people with 5k followers or less on social media) Most creators on Twitter use gumroad to sell their products so you can do your outreach here The reason I said you should target people with lesser number of followers

Is because you stand a better chance of getting replies when you do outreach than when you Dm an account with over 50k followers.. Send a Dm to them and tell them you rewrote the copy for their gumroad product and they can test it out for free

If they agree and put your copy on gumroad then you can say you've written copy for this guy with 5k followers which is equal to social proof.. The person may even hire you if they like your work.. Think about it.. If the person has 5k followers it won't be long before..

they hit 10k and you'll have that relationship with a big account which can really come in handy... Worst case scenario... They don't use the copy but you still get to add some improvement to your skill.. And you now have something worthy of being in a portfolio.

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