Honestly. I refuse to let Suna have the last laugh. So when Atsumu finally fucks Osamu he's petty as hell. Records suna a little video. He waits until they are on the bus in the back just hanging out the three of them and then he sends it.

Suna always has his headphones on so it's not like anyone else will notice. Especially not Osamu. Suna hits play and Atsumu watches with sick satisfaction. "Ne samu-" Their skin slapping is loud and rough. Osamu is moaning like a bitch in heat.

Atsumu's voice carries on. "Can ya say that again fer me?" "Shut-ahh- you and yer fucking ego." Atsumu slams into him. "C'mon it's the truth anyways." "S'better. Your cock! -haaah- S'better than Rin's. Please can I come?" The video cuts there and Suna is prickling.

He says it obviously but he fires back a heated text. "You fucking freak." Atsumu gives him a lazy smile pulling his sleepy brother onto his lap. "What. Ya hard?"

*saves* lmao

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