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Scheme & Co | 📍Link In Bio Will Save Your Life



A quick breakdown on how we get very wealthy anons in eCom, crypto, and service firms to keep ALL of their profits without the need to spend money on accountants and making up a trillion write-offs - All in a fully OPSEC, offshore location

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Did you know crypto is one of the more powerful tools for tax evasion and money laundering available? It's the perfect partner in crime. And the boomers and the government can't stop it no matter how many laws they put out.

But here's the thing: It's not that easy. Otherwise, every normie in America would be buying Monero.

To fully reap the almost criminal benefits of crypto, you need to take specific steps at specific times. Or you're going to jail lol.

Amateurs and wannabe cybercriminals will take a massive L(esson) by trying to cash out in a backwater shady exchange or trust a random middleman from the dark web that will run away with the money.

And if you successfully launder your funds through a foreign exchange, you will receive a friendly visit from Federal Agents asking you why did you use a fed honeypot instead of a normal exchange. You can plead the fifth, but they already know you have "assets of interest".

So the only alternative to taking a massive risk with your money is simply to surrender your hard-earned dough to the government but not before surrendering even more money to an accountant that will knock your burden 30% off at most if you're lucky.

But why go for 30% when you can keep almost 100% with no catch? We present to you something we have been using ourselves for a long while now. And now it's available for every digital weight mover on this corner.

It's called the Bulletproof Money Shot Payment Processor. What's so special about a payment processor? It's not special at all.

Except... the processor's ownership is owned by a shell entity somewhere far away from the West and her rich-people-hating laws.

The processor receives all the money, all of your profits right before getting plundered by the tax-man (He won't even realize it).

But here's the thing: The processor receives all the money on paper. In real life, you and your select few partners have exclusive and total access to the funds.

No fiat, no receipts, no traces. Just you and your money stashed away in clean, innocent, halal & kosher crypto.

How's this different from an LLC with a business bank account in a tax-free state? Simple:

1. There are no verifiable, distinguishable traces of the money from the moment it departs from your customer's wallets to when it arrives at your wallet.

2. There is no way to find out where is your money coming from if you ever get audited by the government.

3. There is not a single way to link the funds, the shell entity, and whatever your operations are back to you or your partners.

Here's what this means for you and your schemin':

A. You will be immune to chargebacks even in the most normie platforms used for business.

B. You will never pay a single cent to the government, accountants, and lawyers.

C. You will enjoy the true benefits and freedom of crypto the way it's meant to be.

D. You will now be able to get away with many, many things with no repercussions for pushing your luck as much as you can.

E. And nobody will ever know. Just you and your partners.

Your only responsibility will be keeping your OPSEC laundered crypto wallet safe.

The Bulletproof Money Shot Payment Processor will take care of literally everything. And if the feds ever do a sweep, here's what will happen:

I. Nothing.

The system has all the right pieces perfectly placed to commit a flawless heist.

Phantom shell entity that routes the money to you under the table. Designated legal fall guy that may or may not exist. Processor that turns fiat into crypto with no possible way to revert it.

And judges and other assorted government wagies that will ignore any embassy's pressure tactics since there are no extradition treaties.

It's whitehat enough to not be blacklisted by major financial and legal institutions, but blackhat enough to let you defraud them (And rightfully so, your money belongs to you - Taxation is theft).

Real-life isn't a movie like the Wolf of Wall Street. Banks in Switzerland or any easily accessible "offshore" location will snitch on you at the mildest sign of pressure from the IRS, HMRC, and so and so. It takes just one letter from them for your operations to get fucked.

With us, you will never have to worry about things going south. And in the super rare occasion it does, nobody will ever know you even existed. And your freshly-finessed money will remain in your AirWallex (Ask us about it).

Our offer to you summarized: 1. No tax. 2. No traces. 3. No chargebacks. 4. No "getting shut down". 5. No risk. 6. Full anonymity. 7. Exclusive access to funds (We don't and can't touch any $).

Are they gonna seize your funds? Find you? Will you go to jail? Will you have cops kicking down your doors at 4 AM? Are clients going to get suspicious about paying? No, no, no, no, and no.

In fact, you won't even have to drop normie platforms like Stripe and Shopify.

This solution works and has worked for both whitehat and blackhat alike. So if you want to completely neutralize your tax burden... Or straight-up break the law and get away with it... We are your guys 😉.

Time frames range from 24 hours to 3 weeks. Completely legal and transparent. This is how the best mobsters do it. Hidden in plain sight. DM us on Telegram @avvcbd and to receive a tailored solution. Thanks!

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