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#sakuatsu #skts- smut// mornin’ bonin’// graphic hj// frotting God Atsu.. your hard ons are the worst in the mornings..” “It’s a little motivator for a morning sleepyhead like ya.” Kiyoomi sluggishly turns on his side and reaches out for his waist to spoon while a hand finds—

Atsumu’s boner. Just a brush was enough to tell how stiff he is so Kiyoomi holds off indulging at first and slips into the leg hole of Atsumu’s shorts. Atsumu sandwiches Kiyoomi’s hand between nice, thick and toasty thighs. “Ya like it there, don’t ya?” “Mhm..” Atsumu gives—

him about 10 seconds before he starts getting impatient. “C’mon Omiii. Get ta work or I’m taking care of this myself in the bathroom.” Kiyoomi doesn’t argue and delves deeper into Atsumu’s shorts and pulls out his cock from the leg hole. “Ohh fuck.. nn! That was sudden.”

“No briefs? How naughty.” Kiyoomi’s teasing the tip with his thumb, getting it all soaked and Atsumu’s thrice as aroused by the thought of being hand jobbed through his shorts, commando. “Lower lower please Omi go lower..” He’s begging and Kiyoomi teases a few seconds longer—

as he enjoys seeing his lover’s face wince in pleasure. When Kiyoomi slides down his shaft, Atsumu lies on his back and almost instantly spreads his legs wider. He pulls up that part of his shorts to his hip, exposing more, wanting more. “yess fuck fuck ohh..”

Kiyoomi’s hissing quietly, breath against Atsumu’s neck and Atsumu turns his head to the side and drags Kiyoomi down for a desperate kiss. “This is so hot..” “I’ve got a lot of early morning responsibilities taming you when you’re like this.” “Oh c’mon Omi.. don’t say it like

that when I could feel yer boner while ya spoonin’ me all night.” Atsumu sits up and helps Kiyoomi up too. He straddles his lover’s lap, stiff dick still in the air and slides closer. “I’ll do us.”

Kiyoomi leans back on the bed frame and lets Atsumu take over. He slides Kiyoomi’s cock out of his shorts, giving it a few generous strokes before he scoots in closer and presses his own against his. “Ohh Atsu… fuck..” Kiyoomi moans at the hot touch and even louder when Atsumu

gets his grip around the both of them and starts pumping. “Yeah? Good?” Kiyoomi’s too busted to answer or need not answer a rhetorical question. Atsumu’s rolling his hips against Kiyoomi, rubbing their cocks so sensually and fucking them both into his hand

and it sounds sloppy. The grip tightens and they’re both riding fast to their climax. “Shit shit I’’m— fuck..!” “That was a little fast..” “Don’t— aaa” “I know, I know. It’s Omi kun’s favorite ta frot with me. Hmhm..”

Kiyoomi cums all over them and into Atsumu’s hand. Atsumu’s restless still and pumps even faster thanks to the lubrication. “Omi.. fuck I’m cumming..!”

Atsumu makes a fucking mess, splattering all over since he’s pinching their tips together so hard and it squirts all over the place, and on Kiyoomi’s face. “Whoops?” The coy play on his face doesn’t faze Kiyoomi coz he knows he

literally plays dirty to earn some extra tls (tender, love and sex) “Clean this mess up or next time, we’re playing edging.” Atsumu licks his lips, happy to oblige. //that’s all for our sexy sunday scribbling

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