Vixen 🌺 semi-ia

Vixen 🌺 semi-ia



NSFW #sakuatsu Currently thinking about Sakusa Kiyoomi littered with piercings. Give this man an industrial, a helix, triple lobe, orbital, daith, all of em. Hell, give him a belly button piercing. This man is a whore that goes clubbing in short crop tops every weekend. +

Give him a tongue piercing that he uses to make grown men scream in pleasure as he eats them out. He’s got snake bites that run so deliciously against the dick he’s sucking. Now imagine Miya Atsumu getting to experience all of this for himself one faithful night.

Kiyoomi usually has his piercings out during practice and games, but when night comes around and the team goes out to celebrate a win, he’s adorned with metal. The first time Atsumu sees it he nearly faints. He also gets an instant boner and has to excuse himself.

Kiyoomi notices—of course he does—and being the mean bastard he is, he uses it to his advantage. He’ll flick his tongue over his lips after taking a sip of whatever he’s drinking. He’ll smile wide and lick over his teeth while looking right at Atsumu.

He’ll stretch his arms over his head with a fake yawn, flashing his toned abs and dangling belly button piercing. By the end of the night, Atsumu is straining in his pants and so close to cumming from nothing but rubbing his thighs together.

Kiyoomi chuckles meanly from his spot beside Atsumu in the booth, glancing down at the ever growing wet spot on the setter’s pants. He leans in close, breath ghosting against Atsumu’s neck. “What’s wrong Atsumu? Somethin got you all pent up?”

Atsumu can only groan, not trusting himself to speak coherent words. Kiyoomi laughs and kisses his pulse gently, then sucks harshly to leave his mark. Atsumu keens and Kiyoomi laughs again. “C’mon, let’s go to my place.”

They stumble (well, Atsumu stumbles) to Kiyoomi’s fancy apartment. Once inside the door, Kiyoomi is immediately all over Atsumu. He sucks and bites at his neck, slits a thigh between his legs, gropes at his ass. Atsumu is boneless in his grasp.

“So good for me, Atsumu,” he whispers into the shell of Atsumu’s ear. The man shudders violently at the praise. “I’ve seen the way you look at me every time we go out, trying to undress me with your eyes.” His lifts up Atsumu’s shirt to graze his lips against a nipple.

“Too bad I’ll be the one undressing you tonight.” An hour later Atsumu is face down ass up on Kiyoomi’s bed. His hands are fisted into the sheets, trying so desperately to gain his composure as Kiyoomi eats him out.

The drag of Kiyoomi’s tongue piercing rubbing against his walls is driving him crazy, dragging him closer and closer to the edge with each brush against his prostate. He almost loses it when Kiyoomi reaches around to grab his cock,

but a firm squeeze against the base holds him off. “Omi! Omi Omi Omi, please,” he babbles, “lemme cum. ‘M so close, please.” Kiyoomi pulls away momentarily and Atsumu mourns the loss. “Hmm no. If you’re cumming tonight it’ll be from my cock only.”

Atsumu sobs and buries his face deeper into the sheets. Kiyoomi’s tsks and grabs his hair, yanking his head back up. “Wanna hear you scream my name, so keep your head up.” Before Atsumu can think of a response, Kiyoomi is slamming into him.

He slides all the way in with a single thrust, his balls slapping against Atsumu’s thighs. Just as promised, Atsumu screams with pleasure, body racking with a full body shudder. “That’s it,” Kiyoomi purrs, “let everyone hear how good I make you feel.”

He lets go of Atsumu’s hair, moving his hand down to Atsumu’s neck instead, pinning him down. His pace becomes brutal after that, never slowing down and hitting Atsumu’s prostate dead on with each thrust.

Atsumu can do nothing but take it, sobbing and moaning the whole time. At some point, Kiyoomi leans down to bite and suck at Atsumu’s shoulders and back, marking him for everyone to see.

Atsumu pays it no mind, too lost in the pleasure of Kiyoomi’s thrusting and the feel of those wicked tongue and lip piercings against his skin. It doesn’t take long for him to reach the edge. “Omi! Oh Omi ‘m gonna cum.” Kiyoomi doesn’t stop.

“Mm gonna cum, gonna cum gonnacum.” Finally, Kiyoomi reaches down again to strock Atsumu’s dick in tandem with his thrusts. “Cum for me, Atsumu. Show me how good you are.” With one last shout of “Kiyoomi!” Atsumu’s spills all over the spikers fist.

Kiyoomi never stops though, continuing to stroke his already overstimulated cock while his own abuses Atsumu’s prostate. “Kiyoomi ‘s too much! Slow down, please,” he manages to say between gasps. “Gimme one more babe, I know you can.”

Who is Atsumu to deny this beautiful man what he wants? It doesn’t take long for Atsumu to reach his high again, releasing another load onto Kiyoomi’s silk beds sheets.

His rhythmic clenching finally pushes Kiyoomi over the edge as well. He buries his cock in deep before releasing inside, groaning at the way Atsumu clenches harder. Atsumu moans at the feeling of the warm liquid against his walls.

Kiyoomi pulls away eventually, watching his cum trickle out of Atsumu’s abused hole. Atsumu nearly screams again when Kiyoomi licks around his hole one last time, cold metal providing a pleasurable sensation.

He finally slumps into the bed when Kiyoomi fully separates from Atsumu, completely spent. Kiyoomi admires his work, eyes tracing over the bites and hickies that litter Atsumu’s once unblemished skin.

He can’t help but run his fingers along a few of them, loving the way Atsumu hisses in pain when he applies pressure. “You look beautiful, Atsumu.” He kisses one of the bruises gently. “You look like you’re mine.” Atsumu can only agree. “‘M yers, Omi.”

//end! Pls do not perceive me. I got snake bites to celebrate passing my first first exam of Uni as a reward today and felt the need to write this LOL

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