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Chrome has 3.2 billion users. But most people don't know how to unlock its full potential. Here are 10 chrome extensions you'll wish you knew sooner (all free):

2. Audioread Don't have time to read? Listen instead! Audioread turns any article, pdf, or email into a podcast using the latest AI narrator.

3. Honey Save money and earn rewards when you shop online. With one click, Honey will automatically look for and apply digital coupons and promo codes it finds to your cart.

4. Twitter Print Styles Save Twitter threads as PDFs with one click.

5. Wordtune AI-powered writing companion that understands what you’re trying to say, and suggests ways to make your writing: β€’ more clear β€’ more compelling β€’ more authentic

6. Wappalyzer Instantly reveal the technology stack of any website, such as: β€’ CMS β€’ E-commerce platform β€’ payment processor β€’ company and contact details. Great for competitors' research and lead generation.

7. Scribe Record your screen going through any process. And Scribe automatically creates a how-to guide, complete with: β€’ Screenshots β€’ Instructions β€’ Clicks

8. Unhook Remove YouTube distractions, including: β€’ Related videos β€’ Comments β€’ Shorts tab β€’ Suggestions wall β€’ Homepage recommendations β€’ Trending And more. Never get distracted again.

9. Toucan Learn a new language by simply browsing the internet. β€’ Toucan automatically translates certain words and phrases on any page β€’ Learn within the context of a language you already know

10. Awesome Screenshot This extension lets you: β€’ Screenshot the entire tab β€’ Screenshot a part of your screen β€’ Record your screen β€’ Edit Images & videos And more!

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