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sakuatsu // friends to lovers atsumu and kiyoomi became quite fond of each other at the youth training camp. atsumu had found out before hand that kiyoomi had a thing with germs so he made it his duty to try to be cautious of kiyoomi's personal space as much as possible.

as time went on, the two became friends since atsumu wouldn't shut up when it was time to go to bed so kiyoomi didnt have a choice but speak to him. he found out that atsumu likes to bake and his brother likes to cook.

"i can ask him if he's willin' ta make umeboshi fer ya" kiyoomi couldn't help but blush a little at the gesture. he took him up on that offer platonically, not knowing that atsumu was serious. some time went by and the training camp was coming to an end.

with everyone packing their bags to go to the bus, atsumu and kiyoomi exchanged numbers and went their separate ways. ~ it took a while for the two men to contact each other but once they did, they set up plans to hang out almost immediately.

the two became closer overtime, with ateumu showing a more affectionate side kf him and kiyoomi opening up about his life growing up. the two bad a very sarcastic relationship with atsumu teasing kiyoomi with "awee ya love me dontcha?" with a sarcastic tone

whenever kiyoomi would say something nice. and kiyoomi being mean to atsumu in a friendly way. the friendship had evolved into something more romantic but the two never said anything, not wanting to scare the other away.

by the time they hit their third year in high-school the two saw each other again at a practice match. they stayed in touch throughout the summer but they were too busy to meet up. but they didn't hold back once they saw each other at inarizaki's gym. "atsumu.."

atsumu looked up at kiyoomi and smiled. "it's okay, i ready know" kiyoomi sighed, knowing that atsumu had figured out his feelings for him. he prepared himself to be rejected thinking that atsumu wasn't gay. "i love ya"

kiyoomi looked at atsumu in shock, not processing what he just said and not realizing that atsumu was inching over towards him. "y-you what?!" atsumu giggled. "i already knew what ya were about ta say, so i said it first, i love ya"

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