"This one is your doll." chimed the pleasant figure in front of them, porcelain and flesh, brass and other materials unnamed gleaming outside her doorway. "I don't have dolls." the dejected figure muttered. (1/?)

"This one is, despite that being true in the past." the doll responded, almost smug at the turn of events it knew would occur. they furroughed their brow and glanced in the mirror behind the doll, the thought discouraging them immensely before a horrifying thought struck them.

It hadn't originated in _them_ per-se, but that wasn't important to her. (3/?)

"Aren't witches women or women adjacent?" "Yes, miss." "Why are you calling me _miss_, doll." "apologies. What should this one address you with." "Is it not obvious?" they spat, suddenly self conscious of their body, the doll recognized the shift _immediately_. "No miss."

the long pause that ensued was a torrent of thoughts in the mind of the one talking to the doll, but it wasn't the most healthy at points. "Well if I'm a witch, I can change my appearance and body, right?" she responded slowly, her voice almost a whisper. "Yes miss." (5/?)

"Doll, get me as many comprehensible documents, books, and tomes on transformation and transfiguration as you can!" she smiled slightly, her doll immensely aware that this was a command. (6/?)

The slightest, rawest tinges of Purpose and desperation lining her words. She wasn't a _good_ witch yet, but she would be in time. She had her own eating her alive, a drive. *Finally.* The doll smiles back and nods before reaching into her messenger bag. (6/?)

"Also miss, this one would like to give you a gift before departing." procuring a grey and pink floppy hat, slightly singed and exactly her size, her witch beginning to cry. She took it gingerly and just rubbed the rim for a bit. (7/8)

Of course, the doll wasn't strictly a doll, she just had doll-ish tendencies. Most of them involved the kitchen, but this was just another type of omelet. (8/8)

this short does not intend to constrain the genders of witches, and the doll did not tell full truths the whole way through. It was simply the right phrase to produce _this_ Witch's potential. If done falsely, it'd ignite Purpose too fervently. Thank none for understanding.

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