#sakuatsu // nsfw, professor!kiyoomi x student!atsumu the neon light buzzes a few times before its brightness lowers. kiyoomi notices it in the darkening of the shadows over his student's face; the glint in his amber eyes set ablaze and then swiftly clouded. +

he barely registers the noise, for what little he has left of his concentration is solely dedicated on preventing the lab equipment — beckers, flasks, tubes — from falling to the ground. while being pressed against the very shelf they rest on. kiyoomi's stiffled moan vibrates +

against plump lips; lips that kiyoomi wants all over his body. sloppy, wet kisses resonate in the cramped space. sneaky hands, even warmer than his skin, creep their way up kiyoomi's torso. "atsumu." he warns. if the warning is for the student or himself, he doesn't know. +

the blonde, in response, stares at his lips with hungry eyes; kiyoomi guesses he didn't like the interruption much. then he smirks. the hands, now pressing against kiyoomi's pecs like liquid fire, move just enough to pinch the hardened nipples. kiyoomi can't help but moan. +

a dragged out moan — not too loud, not too long. just enough for him to lean towards the student with his mouth still open, in search for a kiss that the younger doesn't grant him. "d'ya want me to stop, professor?" 𝑦𝑒𝑠, kiyoomi should say. 𝑔𝑒𝑡 𝑜𝑢𝑡. +

a tired whine comes out instead. kiyoomi locks his arms around atsumu's neck; a hand tenderly grabbing a fistful of bleached hair. "figures." atsumu is rentless, merciless, and instead of kissing kiyoomi, he brushes past his lips — for kiyoomi to know what he could have — and +

focuses on the pale neck dotted with little dark moles. despite knowing this is wrong on many levels, kiyoomi can't bring himself to stop the hands that are sliding far below his waistline. he tries to push atsumu off, though. he really tries, in a brief moment of clarity. +

it catches the guy off guard, because kiyoomi actually manages to shove him against a display cabinet. thing is, atsumu drags him along by grabbing his sweater. his laugh fills the small space as their lips crash once again. kiyoomi soon finds himself against the cabinet, +

cornered by those eyes made out of pure gold. "ya wanna play rough?" atsumu drops to the floor without as much as breaking eye contact, tracing kiyoomi's hard-on with his swollen lips. "'s the wrong environment, professor. ya know that shit's important." his hands fumble +

with kiyoomi's belt, kiyoomi's zipper, kiyoomi's underwear. the glass is cold against the man's sweaty skin. a shiver runs down his back, reaching his exposed thighs. "'cause ya taught me that." and with that, kiyoomi's cock is sliding effortlessly past atsumu's lips. those +

very lips that kiyoomi was devouring moments before. "oh god, atsumu…" kiyoomi's fingers easily interwine with blond locks, pulling them enough for the student to hum around his dick. kiyoomi wants atsumu to ruin him, to take as he pleases. he slumps against the glass, +

lost in atsumu's eagerness. a moan escapes kiyoomi's lips louder than the others when atsumu brushes a finger against kiyoomi's rim, and the raven finds himself slapping a hand over his mouth. atsumu, ever so cocky, smirks even with his mouth full. he slides off the dick +

with a loud 'pop' — if kiyoomi is struggling to be discreet, atsumu isn't even trying to — and licks his lips. kiyoomi gulps, hand still covering half of his face. "ya hold back all the time, professor." the blonde raises until he's facing kiyoomi again. then he whispers, +

his soft breath hitting the back of kiyoomi's hand. "i wanna fuck ya 'til i see the real ya." heat starts creeping up kiyoomi's neck, reaching his cheeks. "you can try. i'm sure i've had better." atsumu's eyes light up, with a devilish smirk plastered across his face. +

"this a challenge?" kiyoomi doesn't have time to even think about an answer, because atsumu's strong hands are on his body, turning him to face the stupid display window. atsumu throws himself against him, clothes still on, and kiyoomi feels just how much he's affected, too. +

the fact that he's the only one naked it's a bonus, although it doesn't last for long. kiyoomi's cheek is pressed against the glass, and he all he can see in its faint reflection is atsumu's face. the blonde frowns, fumbles a bit with some plastic — a condom? the lube — and +

then his pants hit the ground. "no one's here, 𝑠𝑖𝑟. let me hear ya." a finger carefully pushes past kiyoomi's entrance. he relaxes against the transparent surface, his chemistry supplies mocking him from the inside. his ragged breath comes to life against the glass, +

hiding the materials from his view. "ah!" he paints. atsumu kisses the back of his neck. "another?" without waiting for the answer, atsumu puts another finger in. kiyoomi moans, his hands slippery against the display. hot waves spread through his body; all he hears +

is atsumu, all he thinks about is having him inside his body. closer, closer, closer. not enough. "atsumu," he starts, mouth ajar, almost trying to kiss atsumu's poor reflection. "another?" and this time, it's a real question. the drag of fingers causes kiyoomi to zone out +

for a moment. "no, atsumu…" kiyoomi feels on the verge of tears. he wants atsumu. "…you." "i got ya, kiyoomi." atsumu pulls out his fingers just to replace them with his — now borderline painful — erection. for each drag of his cock there's a sigh from kiyoomi, always a +

pitch higher than the one before. when atsumu bottoms out, kiyoomi is floating. for a moment, it feels like everything has stopped, and he is right where he should be. for a moment, everything stops. then atsumu slams into him. again, and again, and again. +

slowly, quickly. harshly, tenderly. kiyoomi is a mess of sensations, but all of them bound to atsumu. and atsumu kisses him like he cares. kiyoomi believes that; he lets go. he clutches the corners of the display, hoping that it could ground him; it doesn't. +

it's only when atsumu pushes in deep, once again, and wraps himself against kiyoomi, that the man isn't drifting away anymore. atsumu stills and holds him tight; kiyoomi feels pleasure wash over him like a cold breeze, and his body relaxing against the one behind him. +

"next time," atsumu breaks the silence after a while, "i'm taking you to my dorm." kiyoomi scoffs and smiles, still laying against atsumu's chest with his eyes closed. "next time?" he tries, looking up to face the blonde. "next time…" it's all that it takes, really. +

a look into his golden eyes. "yes, for sure." kiyoomi turns around, pecking his lips. "no more staining the school's property." and the echo of atsumu's laugh travels across the hallways.

// idk what this is i really don't know!!! this is missing so many details but i saw @/_Mikipeen's wip of tighnari with a hand slapped on his face and this popped to mind. idk man fr

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