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I made $6,628 in income with my solo-creator business last month. And I went from idea → execution in just 30 days. Here's the 9-step process I used to quickly plan, build, & sell a new digital offer (you can have it for free):

1. Identify the problem you solve For a new offer, you need to think about: • What problem you solve • Why this problem is important • How the customer will solve it too And pitch it in one sentence or less:

2. Build the landing page (& pre-sell) Test if the offer will sell before you build it: • Collect "waitlist" signups • Market & sell pre-orders • Verify the offer's validity To build a landing page that converts – use this resource:

3. Choose your offer medium In today's creator economy, you can sell: • A self-paced course • 1-on-1 services • Memberships • Coaching • An ebook • Cohorts Decide what you can build quickly (and what will best provide value):

4. Build your offer: Now, you have to execute. Use: • @circleapp → membership • @Calendly → services • @Zoom → cohorts • @Kajabi → course • @canva → ebook Most either take a cut of your earnings or offer a "free trail"

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva 5. Sell to your list (first) Reward your email list for their loyalty. Use: • Newsletters • Campaigns • Sequences To generate buzz (and sales) with your list:

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva 6. Build in public (profile link) Share with your audience what you're doing. This may not drive sales – but it: • Provides free promotion • Showcases the offer • Generates buzz Include on Linkedin, Twitter, Medium, etc.

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva 7. Run a launch campaign This works if you don't have a large email list. Use: • Posts • Tweets • Articles • Threads To promote a "launch price" for the offer:

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva 8. Create a "referral machine" Strengthen your offer by getting "proof" that it works. Use: • Email • Live session asks • Course "checkpoints" To collect: • Reviews • Testimonials • Case studies To prove the offer works:

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva 9. Prove it works (to people on the fence) There are always "lurkers" to an offer. When you receive positive social proof, use it in another campaign: • Illustrate the outcome • Show why it's valuable • Prove people are transforming And do one final "push":

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva The results? In the first month doing this launch I've generated: • 35 total sales • $6,628 in revenue • 13.1% cart conversion From an entirely new offer.

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva Now for this to work, you need an audience & traffic. You can go about it yourself... OR you can join 35 others who are learning how to become their niche's favorite creator (in just 4 weeks) (last chance to join before cohort starts!)

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva And that's it! If you enjoyed this and you're into the creator economy and digital writing: 1. Follow me @jonbrosio for more badass threads like this 2. Retweet the 1st tweet of this thread to help inspire others

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva TL;DR My unique 9-step process to go from idea → execution (in 30 or less): • Create a referral machine • Identify your problem • Choose your medium • Launch a campaign • Link your profile • Build your offer • Pitch your list • Add proof • Pre-sell

@circleapp @Calendly @Zoom @Kajabi @canva If you want to get started creating your own money-making online business Check out this free resource that walks you step-by-step towards making your first $3,000 writing online

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