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#miyacestober2022 - Day 13 Anonymity When Osamu came out of the bathroom Atsumu couldn't breath. "Woah...ya look.../different/." Osamu ran his hands along the buzzed underside of his hair and smirked. "Yeah, that's kind of the point, Tsumu.">>

It wasn't just that his hair was styled differently, but it was darker than either of theirs had ever been. And the /contacts/. They turned Osamu's typically dark brown eyes a stunning dark green hidden behind some thick glasses that Atsumu knew weren't persciption. >>

"You look...like a punk." Atsumu breathed, and it wasn't meant to be an insult even as Osamu shoved him away. "No, stop," Atsumu pushed closer again. He ran his hands along Osamu's hair, marveling at the peach fuzz under his fingers even as Osamu tried to bat him away.>>

Even his clothes were different. He had a denim jacket Atsumu had never seen before and his pants were... "What are these even made out of?" Atsumu squeaked, running his hands all over the leather? pleather? Whatever they were they made Samu's thighs look fantastic.>>

"Are ya gonna keep feeling me up or are we going to dinner?" Osamu sighed, even as he affectionately squeezed the back of his brother's neck. "Wha?" He grunted when Atsumu grabbed his ass. "Tsumu, focus." Right. Focus. There was a reason for all of this.>>

Atsumu stepped back and really looked at Osamu. For the first time in their entire lives, they looked different. Truly different. Sure, if someone gave them a long, analytical look, they might see the resemblance, but a glance? There was no way. >>

Even their builds were different now. Atsumu was still lean from volleyball, but Osamu had filled and bulked out, especially in his chest. For once, Atsumu thought, they didn't look identical. They barely looked related. They could be any two people on a date...in love... >>

"Hold my hand!" Atsumu suddenly demanded, thrusting his hand into Osamu's face and nearly taking out an eye. Osamu shoved him instead. "Get dressed and get ready to leave and I'll hold your damn hand all you want." "Right!" Atsumu jumped, running to the closet in a flash.>>

It was probably the fastest he had ever been getting ready for a date, but Osamu was still impatiently waiting and pacing by the door when he was done. "Took you long enough, scrub." Osamu snatched up his hand, just as eager as Atsumu, and yanked him out the door. >>

They were just walking to a little shop a block from their hotel. It was small and cheap and nothing fancy at all, but no one even glanced at them. No one cared. They were anonymous in every way and Atsumu wanted to sob. >>

Instead of he laced his fingers more tightly with Osamu's and breathed. As they waited to cross the street Osamu leaned over and kissed his cheek. As he did he whispered, "I love ya, Tsumu." And no one reacted at all. //

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