transing everyone

transing everyone



#nsfw // #miyacest + #sakuatsu kiyoomi railing atsumu. grabbing a fistful of his hair and yanking him back on his cock again and again while atsumu cries for more. atsumu stuttering over his "omi"s just enough that they sound like he might say someone else's name.

and kiyoomi should be mad. he should pull out and yell at atsumu. he should fuck him until he's begging kiyoomi to stop. he should fuck him so hard he passes out. kiyoomi doesn't do any of that. he's known about this for a while now. he's thought about what he would say.

in this moment, all he can do is pull atsumu up by his hair so they're back to chest, slowing down his thrusts just enough so he knows atsumu will hear him clearly as he asks, "you want osamu's cock instead of mine?" atsumu comes with a sob

tbc? 👀

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