ao3 recs!

— mostly nomin/nahyuck/nohyuck — a LOT of ex best friends to lovers.. don’t judge me —these are my most favorite fics of ALL time

⭐️ bittersweet and baby blue -a classic by ouchsolo (nomin) -i’m not lying when i say i read this multiple times -THE TENSION AT THE BEGGING!! -i simply loved everything about this book

⭐️ slow cinnamon summer but moondanse (nohyuck) -i wanted to fight hyuck -i loved how the characters were portrayed (1000/10) -you definitely won’t regret reading this

⭐️ fight or flight by rimihim (nahyuck) -idiots to lovers -reread because it was too good -i loved the insights into their childhood memories -the confession scene.. holy shit

⭐️ spinning out of control (crashing into you) by hyucksicles (nahyuck) -the epiphany i felt when i found this fic -rivals to lovers .. AND THEY’RE FIGURE SKATERS! -the tension -angst 10% fluff 90%

⭐️ quem de nós dois by q_is (nahyuck) -if it has a million fans, i'm one of them. if it has one fan it's me. if it has zero fans, i'm dead -so SO SO good -a lot of yearning but it was worth it in the end -i cried when i finished it

⭐️ all eyes on us by blossomints (nomin) -once again rivals to lovers are you surprised -i usually forget the fics i read but THIS ONE! forever engraved in my brain -i enjoyed every single word

⭐️ the perfect one-night standee (nohyuck) by candymin -enemies to lovers -jn tsundere!! -soulmates but it’s not entirely focused on that -side renmin!!!

⭐️ run me like a river (nohyuck) by lemonbreeze -childhood best friends to enemies to lovers -side renmin -very very cute !! i highly recommend it

⭐️ sujeito de sorte (nomin) by diurno -i just finished it and i’m in tears !!! -aged up characters -married jn -when i say it’s the best nomin fic i’ve ever read, I MEAN IT

⭐️ GO, JENO! (nohyuck) by diurno -good ADHD representation -their relationship!!!! i loved the development -hyuck is head over heels for jen -markmin exes

⭐️ ad esse optimum (nohyuck) by hyucksdream -*start vibrating* i loved it a normal amount. -ENEMIES TO LOVERS NOHYUCK 🫂 -and they play football ! -jeno is a sweetheart i loved him (donghyuck not to much ) -really enjoyed the fluff !! highly recommend it

⭐️ til forever falls apart (nahyuck) by thefullergirl -a monster fic -i don’t usually like post break up fic but this is an exception -if i had to choose between saving my family and reading this fic again i’d have to say goodbye to my parents

⭐️ resting places (nomin) once again by thefullergirl -have i mentioned how much i love kid fics -this is one of my favorite fics EVER -nomin are married for a week -FLUFF !! -jaem is jisung’s dad -please go read it you won’t regret it

⭐️ laws of the universe (nomin) by sonderau -jm is kind of an asshole at first but he has his reasons -i needed to hug jn -fluff fluff fluff !!! -panicked jn -first love/kiss fics will always hold a special place in my heart

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