my ex (Eurick Ignacio) hates Twitter issues so I’m gonna start a thread about him.. 😔❤️

first meet up pero ang dami mo na agad ginawa na hindi kaaya-aya and I know I was too dumb to stick with you after that. but hey, you said sorry after I opened up to you and said hindi kita na-skincare which is ayun talaga gusto kong gawin and hindi manlang tayo nakapag-usap ng,,

maayos kasi you know our relationshit wasn’t healthy. and you know my intention, I want to see you so we could talk about our relationshit and fix it but what did you do? inuna mo yang kalibugan mo imbis na ayusin yung relasyon natin na napakatoxic dahil sayo.

Second meet up, July 15, 2021 you told me to wear dress even though I don’t want to but you have anger issues talaga na hindi mawala-wala and kapag hindi ka nasunod, it’s either magagalit ka or magtatampo. hindi ko alam bakit nagpa-manipulate ako sayo dati.

I expected na yung meet up natin na yun will be wholesome since that was my request after the first one. Third meet up, November 10, 2021 I took a selfie of us while you’re doing it. but of course hindi ko na in-expose ano mo. it’s one of your insecurities, so.. fast forward.


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