osasuna // university au, semi public sex, nsfw it was late in the afternoon and suna and osamu decided to stay and study for their next exam. they were in a classroom alone and eating snacks while taking notes from their textbooks.

"im bored samu" rin said as he leaned back in his chair. osamu looked up from his textbook with a sigh, "we can stop fer now" rin closed his books and packed his bag "what do you wanna do now?" osamu stretched in his seat before slouching again.

"anythin' ya want" rin smirked "then how bout you bend me over this desk a fuck me?" osamu looked at rin and didn't say anything for a few seconds "here? ya sure?" rin shrugged "why not? we're the only ones here" he said as he got up and sat ontop of osamu.

he wrapped his arms around him as he inched closer to his face, kissing him passionately before looking at him again. "alright, if ya want to" osamu started to unbuckle rin's pants, pulling them down just enough so he can fit. osamu then picked rin up and sat him on the desk

making him lay down with his legs up. he undid his pants, preparing himself before entering. "fuck me samu~" that was enough to make osamu force himself into rin and start drilling into him. "ah hah ngh~" osamu held rin's legs up as he fucked him, glancing at the door

out of paranoia that someone might walk in. "yer so tight babe" *clap clap clap* "so tight fer me"

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