Arpit Bhayani | #AsliEngineering 🐨

Arpit Bhayani | #AsliEngineering 🐨



Harsh reality: It will take you 10 years to realize how great our college curriculum is and how critical the core Computer Science subjects are. Do not get misguided by these "EdTech cum SalesTech" startups and influencers. Everything at scale just boils down to

- Operating system concepts: Mutex, Semaphores, Critical Sections, Thread, Sockets, etc - Database Internals: Query optimization of Database - Distributed Systems: Need I say anything here - Computer Architecture: To understand why vertical scaling has a limit

- Networking: Securing infra, optimizing routing, BGP protocol, CDN, TCP, UDP, etc. - Multimedia Processing: If you get to build a live streaming platform to just name a few

Core CS subjects are more important in the real world. DSA might be there for interviews, but the core CS subjects are mighty critical while at work. Never neglect them. It will take you a decade to realize ki ya sab to college me hi padha tha. #Engineering #ComputerScience

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