skts being roommate ft kiyoomi's jealous boyfriend atsumu sighs, taking off his shoes at their genkan when he sees kiyoomi passing by with basket full of his clothes. the man only nods at him and shows him the basket, atsumu hums.

don’t get him wrong though, he is obviously grateful for kiyoomi’s kindness and thoughtfulness ever since they live together. having different schedules, being an active setter for the campus and helping osamu with his store, atsumu got lots in his plate.

and kiyoomi, who isnt talking much has been helping him in everything he can get his hands into- never asks anything in return but somehow, /someone else/ is keeping tabs on atsumu. “where is sano?” kiyoomi asks, peeping from behind the door.

atsumu shrugs, there is a bitter feeling in him upon hearing that name. “he got plan, can’t stop by, he said” kiyoomi hums then proceeds with the washing machine. atsumu stares from behind for a while before finally mustering up his courage to walk to him and gets the basket.

“omi, sorry if I put this in a wrong way but, I can do my own laundry, ya know” “well, I know that” kiyoomi tells, stops putting the clothes in and staring into the thin air before looking back at atsumu who awkwardly looks away. “why? you didn’t like the smell? I can change-”

"no, not that!" atsumu incredibly loves that detergent smell- kiyoomi’s smell. but that also the reason why he can’t let him do that. "it’s just- yer also busy and I don’t-" "to put it fair, we are both busy. the only difference is, I got a lil bit of time more than you"

kiyoomi notices how atsumu’s gaze is wavering, like he is unsure of something. kiyoomi sighs, holds the basket and slightly pulls it so atsumu looks at him. “it’s fine. if you are that guilty, treat me to your brother’s onigiri next time” kiyoomi teases and he can only hums.

few days passed, their relationships somehow grow and has been closer than before. atsumu should feel glad and happy, he has been crushing on kiyoomi for years after all. but its just not right. kiyoomi has someone. and he didnt like them.

that one day as kiyoomi rummages their mail box at the first floor, checking both his and atsumu's stuffs when he hears familiar voices. kiyoomi puts back the letters and closes the lid to greet atsumu and sano, his boyfriend who just come back.

sano is in the same class, same faculty as atsumu- who magically his sweet roommate. knowing the two of them is like killing two birds with a stone. he can ask atsumu about sano and vice versa. he is a good boyfriend and a nice roommate after all.

also, sano loves staying over at their place, often (always) drives atsumu home after class too. it feels like they already being each other's bestfriend- "just take the money and go grab a taxi or something. its a hassle to drive you back and forth everyday" /huh?/

kiyoomi questions his ears as he stops at his track. /friendly fight?/ he thought. “and didn’t I already told you to stop bothering him? he is not your maid” “what? jealous much just because we used the same detergent? why don’t you yell at the other who buy-“

kiyoomi's furrow deepens, /whats going on between those two?/ “just because? don’t you always tail along whenever he went out?” sano chuckles, “or what? do you actually have feelings for him?" kiyoomi looks at atsumu who rolls his eyes and slams the car door, “i'm leaving”

atsumu, if he didnt care much of his friendship with kiyoomi, he will yell out his confession and tell that sano guy he fucking has feeling for kiyoomi and will fight for him. “leave the dorm by the end of this month” sano warns, blocks his way and atsumu sighs in frustration.

“what if I refuse? you gonna give me money for that too? why dont you buy me a house as well?” “you-“ “SANO!” both of them turn their heads, shocked to see kiyoomi's angry face. he finally connects everything that happened in the past few weeks.

atsumu didnt hate him, he ignored him for this fucking reason. kiyoomi pulls atsumu's hand towards him as the guy stands behind him. "if you do that again, if you ever raise your hand on him, I don’t want to do anything with you" sano clicks his tongue, "you like him, kiyoomi?"

“I am going to if this is how you gonna treat us” kiyoomi glares, he can feel atsumu squeezes his palm. "what? us? you and him?" atsumu looks, feels so lost in this situation. he should say something and calm kiyoomi down. he's not worth it to defend than his /great/ boyfriend.

"let’s go home, atsumu" "you not going anywhe-" but kiyoomi also worth it to fight for. kiyoomi worth more than this guy ever afford. “get yer hand off of him” atsumu tells, twisting sano's hand. “or else?” “i’m afraid ya will not be able to use it anymore” -fin-

bad boy atsumu? bad boy atsumu. yep i put more talking because i dont have ability to describe the situations more. also, this based on true story lol.

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