#ZhongChi 🔞 (implied childe/other) It should anger him. Enrage him, the sight he has unwittingly stumbled upon. But beneath the simmering jealousy, Zhongli only finds himself aroused. Aroused at the sight of Childe under another man.

It had been a complete accident, the first time. Zhongli had been simply passing by the Northland Bank, hoping to catch Childe after work. It was then he’d heard the soft moans, a voice all too familiar. He knew he shouldn’t have and yet he did. He peeked into the window.

And there Childe was. Head thrown back in pleasure, eyes closed as beads of sweat trickled down his neck, whimpers escaping red bitten lips. An enticing vision of seduction. Zhongli couldn’t enjoy it for long, suddenly aware of the nameless man coaxing out those sounds.

He could feel the tendrils of envy creeping up on him. Who was this man? How did he know the contours of Childe’s body, the ways to lure such reedy cries from Childe? And who was he, that he got to fuck Childe, like a lover, like he had done it before?

But worst of all, Zhongli could feel himself harden despite the growing jealousy. Could feel himself lust more for that sight of Childe under another man, his emotions battling one another. It was all he could think about, that night haunting his dreams.

His dreams of having Childe beneath him replaced with Childe under another. Him watching as some faceless man fucks into the redhead, the sounds he’d heard before replaying in his mind. And just as Childe starts to reach his climax, Zhongli replaces the man.

He becomes the one to bring Childe to the height of pleasure. The dreams are never ending, sometimes they vary - usually there’s one stranger, in others, there are more. The ending is the same. Zhongli always, always is the one who gets to see Chide come.

He wishes to see Childe put on a show. He /wants/ Childe to put on a show. But he wants to be the one Childe comes back to in the end. It is perverted. By Celestia, he knows it is wrong, what he did and what he’s doing. Zhongli just can’t bring himself to care.

He knows the exact moment Childe has seen him. When blue eyes lock with his. He relishes in the slight horror and the spike of lust that flashes in those eyes. He watches as Childe comes, eyes never straying from his. He knows now that Childe is ready for their games.

Zhongli sends the letter the next day, a note with tickets. He knows that Childe will understand his message. Childe meets him the next day, dressed impeccably, lips curved into a mischievous smile. “I enjoy a good show as well, Mr Zhongli.” He smiles. Let the game begin.

a little continuation for this thread i wrote

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