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HOW TO FLIRT WITH A GIRL   “Rejection makes you stronger, not weaker”   ~THREAD~ 🧵

1. Maintain a positive and charming attitude Flirting is about creating sexual attraction and excitement in a light and playful way.

If you put too much pressure on yourself or if you take the interaction too seriously, It’ll be much harder to achieve this kind of vibe. Your intention should be just to have fun. To play with the girl in a more or less sexual way.

2. Use your gaze in a way that creates sexual tension When you look at a girl deep in her eyes, you create a bond between you and her. She feels that something is happening. She feels a connection. She feels some sexual tension.

It is precisely when there’s no reason to be looking at each other That looking her deep in the eyes is going to generate sexual tension.   Looking her deep in the eyes in a prolonged manner is also a great way to make her feel your masculinity. She feels that you’re solid.

3. Keep some mystery With mystery, you arouse her curiosity. You arouse her interest.

Focus on the girl. Make the conversation about her or the situation, not about you. And when she asks you a question about yourself, keep your answer short. Leave some suspense.

4. Whisper something in her ear Whispering something into the ear of a girl is a great way to initiate flirting. Firstly, because it gets you physically closer. And secondly, Because it creates an arousing unity between you two. You’re sharing a secret and it’s exciting.

5. Reduce the physical space between you and the girl When you keep moving closer and closer to each other, It’s a sign that something is going on between you two.

If she’s interested, She’ll allow the physical space between you to shrink. When you feel that she’s at ease with your physical proximity, You can go further and escalate.

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