Alba Villamil

Alba Villamil



What’s particularly frustrating about the emerging pattern of digital (white) flight is the lack of discussion of how to MITIGATE *this*. If you plan to jump platforms, ok. But if you’re also claiming to be concerned with safety and equity, how will *you* on your new platform…

1. Continue to act as an informer, connector, or amplifier across various networks for those users who can’t jump platforms so that they can continue to access immediate, important, up-to-date, accurate, clear info? What intra/inter-system mechanisms are you putting in place?

2. How are you cultivating and institutionalizing a culture within your new home base that actively challenges the problems of gatekeeping and exclusion, harassment, and harm you *should* anticipate? Because humans will ALWAYS find a way to human regardless of design affordances.

3. How are you reflecting on your own folk theories of how these platforms supposedly work and the sense of threat you attach to those theories. There’s no ideal place—people will always be marginalized. But what privileges or assumptions are you exercising at this point in time?

4. How are you practicing a mutual aid approach in moderating and finding alternative funding streams so that you can counteract the co-optation of alternative platforms? How are you educating yourself on and organizing for/against proposed legislation to protect platform users?

5. Ultimately, regardless of what platform you’re on, how are you practicing an ethic of solidarity? Neither leaving nor staying is inherently “more good” without the vigilance and *action* needed to lay the ground work for a better future. Put the fucking work in NOW.

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