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A 5% reduction in REM sleep results in a 13% increase in mortality rate. Porn, alcohol, marijuana, opioids - all drastically reduce REM sleep. This thread will show you how to OPTIMIZE SLEEP and REM cycles. Use this in your fight against addiction. Thread /

The neurobiology of sleep and substance abuse is deeply woven together. Alterations in one process have a direct impact on the other. Acute exposure to drugs disrupts sleep by affecting sleep latency, duration, and quality.

Inversely, Lack of sleep and improper REM cycles puts you in a state of hyperarousal or extreme stress sensitivity A state similar to PTSD in war veterans. Makes you more prone to self harm by abusing substances.

This puts you in a bit of a spot. Why? Because the substances you already use are hampering your sleep quality. The lack of proper sleep is hampering your efforts to quit your addiction. Effectively binding you to an unbreakable loop. Or so it seems…

Hear this, The numbers are alarming. People with substance use disorders are up to 10 times more likely to battle a sleep disorder as well. There clearly is a link between the two and it's been studied and researched. But how exactly does this work?

Sleep Deprivation Increases Vulnerability to Addiction. This doesn't need 180 IQ to comprehend. What do you do when you have a hard time falling asleep? You reach for an ambien, a drink of whiskey, a joint to take the edge off or even jerk off to porn to ahem.. Relieve stress.

You seem to think it works because you fall asleep after you indulge, YOU ARE WRONG. The sleep quality when you are on a substance is very poor. It allows you to fall asleep quicker - That's all it does to you. You do not get REM sleep.

REM sleep is the stage where you have intense dreams, it stimulates the areas of your brain that are essential in learning and making or retaining memories, It is that phase of sleep, where your brain exercises important neural connections which are key to overall well-being.

This leaves you with feeling lethargic and groggy the next day, You tire easy, your cognition is poor, brain fog, memory clouded, You go through the motions all day, No drive or fire to accomplish things, Essentially in limbo in a go with the flow state..

Night time arrives and you do the same thing again.. Over and over this happens until you are essentially hooked on the substance and severely sleep deprived. You have no recourse now, From using substances to take the edge off, You graduate to using them because you NEED TO

Can you see how this has the potential to essentially devastate your health? There is no substitute to a good night's sleep. Science, theology and wisdom have all spoken for this over and over again. So how do you ensure this doesn't happen to you? How do you optimize sleep?

SUNLIGHT Get sunlight by going outside 30-60 minutes of waking. Do that again prior to sunset. On bright days: 10 min; cloudy days: 20 min; very overcast days 30-60 min. If you live someplace with very minimal light, consider an artificial daytime simulator source.

SCHEDULE Wake up at the same time each day and sleep when you first start to feel sleepy. Pushing through and going to sleep too late is one reason people wake at 3 am and can’t fall back asleep. CAFFEINE Avoid caffeine within 8-10 hours of bedtime.

LIGHTING Avoid viewing bright lights between 10 pm and 4 am. Only use as much artificial lighting as is necessary for you to move about safely at night. This ensure an optimum circadian rhythm. NAPS Less than 90 min, or don’t nap at all.

YOGA NIDRA. NSDR as Dr Andrew Huberman calls it, If you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep, consider doing an NSDR protocol. Non sleep deep rest.

Enter “NSDR” into YouTube and the top 3-4 options have different voices, durations for you to select from. Or simply do a “Yoga Nidra” protocol (enter “yoga nidra” to YouTube; 100s to select.) Very helpful to keep calm and focus.

SUPPLEMETATION 30-60 min before bed 145mg Magnesium Threonate or 200mg Magnesium Bisglycinate 50mg Apigenin 100-400mg Theanine Start with one supplement and then add one at a time as needed. Consult doctor before use.

ALERTNESS Expect to feel really alert ~ 1 hour before your natural bedtime. This is a naturally occurring spike in wakefulness that sleep researchers have observed. It is to be expected. When it happens don't dwell on it, let it pass.

TEMPERATURE Your body needs to drop in temperature by 1-3 degrees to fall and stay asleep effectively. Body temperature increases are one reason you wake up mid sleep. Keep your room cool and add / remove blankets as needed.

Doing all of this will ensure you have the optimal sleep needed to function at Max scale. If you are on a journey to quit addictions this is CRUCIAL. Lack of sleep hampers progress and causes frequent relapses. This thread should give you a framework to use, Use it well.

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