Remembering Shaheed Raja Nahar Singh Tewetia of Ballabgarh state,who fought against British intruders for more than 120 days. A short thread on his family history and the last moments of his glorious life @MinOfCultureGoI

He was last scion of this jat kingdom,the ballabgarh state was established by rebel landlords of sihi village in faridabad,who killed local mughal faujdar and annexed entire area of faridabad and palwal.Raja Balram Singh was the first king of this rebel state

Raja Nahar Singh was married to a Sikh princess Raghubir Kaur,who belonged to Kapurthala's royal family. A very pious and religious woman, Raja sahab constructed a Rani ki Chattri for her beloved wife,which is a tourist spot now.

He was the only king,who held his battle front against British forces and fortified the entire Delhi city. His men constantly patrolled forests highways and villages. They had setup their own thanas and entire mughal family was placed under his protection.

According to eminent historian RC Mazumdar,britisers wanted to end political and military power of jats around delhi,sources are full of military excellence of Nahar Singh,how a single man fought against best troops of Firangis.

Unable to overcome the military might of Raja Nahar Singh,Britishers sued for peace and invited him. His men were ambushed and he was arrested by British troops.

After a false judicial trial and all failed efforts to pacify and strike a friendship with him failed. Britishers finally hanged him till death in front of entire old delhi. His two mahals in old delhi were demolished .

After a long public campaign,it was a very old demand of local public to have something in the name of this great warrior,so a metro station was named after him,with beautiful wall paintings,which depicts his glorious history.

It's very disappointing for us,that everyone have forgotten him and his bravery and pious deeds. Even British women and children were sent back with full honor to their families. We want a museum dedicated to him and and his statues to be installed in delhi

The personal Residence Of Raja Sahab and the erstwhile royal family. @ArvindKejriwal @mlkhattar

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