Why you SHOULD clickbait. (THREAD) 👇

You shouldn’t. Stop trying to get easy views! But clickbait is more complicated than you think..

OKAY.. Old "clickbait" is bad Old Clickbait = clickbait that's purely to trick viewers into clicking So you want to use "good" clickbait.

BUT.. What the f*ck is "good" clickbait? Good Clickbait = getting viewers to click by showing the extreme of a topic. Here's an Example 👇

Even MrBeast uses clickbait in his thumbnails.. But it's "good" clickbait. He shows over-exaggerated moments in his thumbnails. Moments that aren't actually in the video But help intrigue the viewer into clicking. Example 👇

NOW.. You could argue MrBeast still shouldn't exaggerate. But the audience gives your titles and thumbnails leeway if your videos over-deliver. Which is what MrBeast does every time.

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