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This has taken me 27 years to learn but I'll teach you in 2 minutes. Here are 13 brutal truths to understand before you trust anyone...

1. You’ll get screwed most by the people you trust.

2. People don't care whether you succeed or fail unless they have something to gain or lose.

3. Stop telling people about your problems. 99% of them are happy you're suffering.

4. Choosing yourself is not selfish. You can't love anyone without loving yourself first.

5. The only way to enjoy being with others is spending time alone first.

6. You can always be replaced. Your position in anyone's life depends on your usefulness.

7. Tell people only what they should know. Envy forms 90% of relationships.

8. Trust is a product of your actions. Be trustworthy and others will trust you.

9. Avoid people who tell you about others. They'll snitch you when it's important.

10. Anyone can betray you. They only need "a good enough reason"

11. Lower your expectations on the people you meet. People do what makes them happy.

12. In all your relationships it's not about you, it's about them.

13. Never trust too easy. People will use you to fulfil their fantasies.

It's feel good day. I trust you to trust yourself this weekend... Follow @Copywriting_Dad for more lessons on; • Making Money Online • Audience building • Persuasive writing • Copywriting • Productivity • Creativity • Writing • Life ILYSM 🫂

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