You are being prepared for convergence into a "World Brain". Biometric ID and total enslavement are only the next phases in a plan that dates back to 16th-century alchemy. Buckle up 🧵

From the 1930s and onwards, a philosophy professor named Oliver Reiser (1895 - 1974) wrote a number of books and articles where he described how humanity would evolve into an interconnected collective organism he called "the World Sensorium."

A collective organism into which all mankind would be converged through technology. The idea is related to H.G. Wells' 'World Brain' as well as Jesuit priest and evolutionary scholar Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's 'Noosphere', from his work 'The Future of Mankind'.

The evolution of this organism would be directed by a world government and united by common beliefs. A world religion. In Wells' conception, there would be a "World Encyclopedia" that would determine consensus reality.

The entirety of the earth would be reconstructed under the symbol of Solomon's Temple, not of stone in Jerusalem, but electromagnetically. This would be done through a worldwide system of satellites and antennae. Through the use of something called "Radio Eugenics"

This meant that evolution would be controlled by hot-fixing and updating human gene expression remotely. This concept immediately brings to mind my research on the Ebner effect.

It also reminds us of the many studies that demonstrate the molecular, morphological, biochemical, and mutagenic effects of EM fields.

This video is titled "Magnetogenetics: remote non-invasive magnetic activation of neuronal activity with a magnetoreceptor"

The central belief of Reiser was that geomagnetic forces were directing the evolution of species based on a very specific complex cyclical process. He also envisioned a "memory field" around the Earth which he called this field the "psychosphere".

Though this idea will be dismissed as "pseudoscience" by the redditoid, this is indeed yet another example that such creatures only care about the consensus of the "cult of domesticity". It appears Reiser was either a visionary genius or he had access to arcane information—

Yes, you read that correctly "Probable mechanisms of the magnetic field influence on gene expression and virus-host interactions"

Reiser called his overarching vision "Cosmic Humanism" and the project went by the name Prometheus-Krishna. He was inspired by Alice Bailey's neotheosophy—telepathically dictated to her by mystic beings—and the principles of alchemy, in which man is transformed and perfected.

Reiser frequently published articles in the theosophical Lucis Trust newspaper 'The Beacon' and the last chapter of his 'Promise of Scientific Humanism' was titled, "The New Alchemy"

He is... extremely explicit.

Reiser's last book Cosmic Humanism and World Unity was published by the think tank World Institute in New York, founded by lumber magnate Julius Stulman. An office was also located in Jerusalem. Stulman doesn't have a wiki page but he is not forgotten—

After Reiser's death, the network he created was inherited by Ervin László. The Hungarian systems philosopher popularized Reiser's ideas with his book 'You Can Change the World'. László describes an assemblage of NGOs promoting sustainable development, using the Internet.

The theosophically oriented László was a member of an environmental think tank called the Club of Rome. This think tank was responsible for the idea of using climate alarmism to corral humanity into global governance.

This message was also integrated into the World Future Society whose members included Al Gore, the New Age guru Barbara Marx Hubbard, Alvin Toffler, and Willis Harman of the Stanford Research Institute.

Incidentally, the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was instrumental in the CIA's Stargate Program, which researched man-machine interpolation, astral projection, and remote viewing.

In their infamous document 'Changing Images of Man', SRI very explicitly illustrates the power structure—the decentralized network of NGOs populated by actors with shifting, multi-tiered allegiances—which László proscribes.

The plan for a cybernetically controlled world organism has in recent decades been disseminated throughout these networks. The events of the past two years are a testament to that. If you would like to know more—

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