desi avocado 🥑 || stanning suga again 🤡❤️

desi avocado 🥑 || stanning suga again 🤡❤️



#osaatsu #miyacest mentally challenged osamu (who is basically a man-child) thinks its okay to squeeze his twin's ass whenever he feels like it 'cause its soft'. atsumu resists at first, before he starts liking the attention and eventually starts deriving pleasure from it. +

the image of his sweet, innocent, mentally 8 years old but with a body of a strong 18 year old begging for just a chance to stick his peepee in atsumu's hole is too hot for the blonde to handle, so he decides to be a good brother and indulge osamu's sexual carvings which he +

can't fulfil with his condition.

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