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I turned 30 today. If you're still in your 20s, read this:

Life gets better as you age, not worse. Unless you're living it badly.

Never compromise your beliefs. At some point, you'll have to make people mad, or back down. Make them mad.

40 years is too long to sit in an office being told what to do.

Qualifications mean nothing. Skills mean everything.

A single source of income will destroy your happiness. Two sources of income will destroy your stress. Choose wisely.

Reading great literature will change your life.

Building muscle is self-care. (I know you made the self-care thing a cliché guys, but seriously, it is.)

Not all of your problems are your own fault. But all of your problems are your responsibility to fix.

Talent is useless unless you apply it consistently.

Writing online will change your life in more ways than you think

Ignore the criticism of people who don't matter. Seek the criticism of people that do.

Children are the greatest blessing you'll have. Start early, have lots.

Surrounding yourself with high-achievers will force you to excel, but ditching old friends that stuck by you for years is a loser move.

If the people 1-2 rungs above you on the ladder aren't happy, quit.

Chasing money will make you unhappy but having money means more freedom to pursue happiness. Find the balance.

Build good habits and work ethic in your 20s and the rest of your life will be easy.

Selling isn't scammy. Selling scammy stuff is scammy. Selling GOOD products is a moral obligation that helps others.

Spend a few minutes each day doing something that brings you joy. Hot coffee in the sunshine. A hug from your child. A warm bath. Those little things will keep you going in tough times.

If you haven't read Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Herbert, Dumas and Lewis then you don't have time for Netflix.

Don't watch the news. That stuff is poison. (And those politics blogs and Twitter accounts are news too, just saying.)

The fact you're actively trying to improve yourself puts you miles ahead of your peers. But stay humble, king. You've got a long way to go.

Good friends are worth more than any amount of money. Don't let chasing more drive you away from them.

Surround yourself with people who will call you out if you step out of line. Especially important for online creators to have some of these people who know who you are in real life.

There's no point in a side hustle that gives you LESS time with your family in the long run.

The greatest skill in the world is knowing when to say "enough".

Always bet on discipline over talent and motivation.

Don't look down on people who have less than you but are happier. Maybe they've got it right after all.

All those self-improvement books you read were a waste of time because they didn't spark real change.

Take more calculated risks. Playing it safe will kill you in the long run.

Write every day.

There you go, 30 lessons from a 30 year old. It's a cliché, but it's from the heart so I hope it helped. I'll be talking more about these lessons on my email list: (It's free for now, but I might charge in future.)

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