✨thread of anitwitter/anime related tweets that make me laugh and i think about a lot starting with my favorite one:

1.) a classic


3.) the consequences of talking shit abt anime

4.) i always laugh at this



7.) i hope they catch him soon



10. multiple oomfs

11.) rest in peace 😭🙏🏻

12.) this kills me bc why did they use that last pic ?!,):$;$/!;$:

13.) another classic

14.) i would too

15.) just watch mob psycho

16.) shy titan outsold

17.) laugh. i did not


19.) this just makes me laugh bc mutuals are in the pic 😭

20.) free curing homophobia is so inspiring

21.) 😭

22.) i know they’re probably joking but still the worst thing i’ve ever read


24.) read and watch aot

25.) she spilled



28.) the fact this is their only tweet 😭legend has it that he’s still on that rock to this day

29.) i hate this

30.) no one will ever let the kny fandom rest

31.) im including this it’s my favorite video

32.) well

33.) i was attacked

34.) it’s what they deserved!

35.) me lol

36.) almost forgot this award winning grammy nominated masterpiece


38.) this video plays on loop in my brain


40.) this is the funniest thing

41.) my favorite tweet actually

42.) haven’t stopped laughing at this since i saw it

43.) whoever did this reveal yourself immediately

44.) this dub kinda fire 😝

45.) my feral boar son

46.) yup sorry bnha stans lost their rights after all those tik tok videos

47.) never close ur eyes during a monogatari ep

48.) please tell my family i love them 🙏🏻

ok i’m done for now i think i’ll keep adding more or dm me some funny ones and i’ll add them maybe 😁👍🏼

49.) wait i have so many hxh ones to add


51.) please the laugh at the end?,!:(&/&:

52.) exactly what i would want to wake up to 😍

53.) “y’all stay getting these weirdo cartoons i love it”😭

54.) the bucciarati is having twins meme is the reason i won’t join jojotwt


56.) is killua jewish?

57.) this galaxy brain thought


59.) mine too


61.) he made several points

62.) old as fuck (516)

63.) baby please don’t text sasuke back

64.) queen shit


66.) he looks kinda diff here

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