Shefali Kochhar🚩🇮🇳

Shefali Kochhar🚩🇮🇳



I am sharing this here though it's is not a laughing matter, yet for all to know, what we can expect some day from our ever friendly, friends who consider all of us Kafirs.

*The Govt of India has abolished "The Roshni Act" of Jammu & Kashmir!* *Imagine that till date, your TOI & The Indian Express, and the entire Leftist controlled media have never told us about "The Roshni Act"!*

*Now because of the power of Facebook and WhatsApp you will know, understand what was done by Farooq Abdullah and Mufti Muhamed Syed, Gulam Nabi Azad and Kashmiri bureaucrats!*

*This "Roshni Act" was a conspiracy,  made by Farooq Abdullah, to legally give away to the Muslims of Kashmir, the houses, shops, gardens and fields of the Hindus who had fled Kashmir in 1990, in which the Congress was also well entrenched and directly involved!*

*All the Hindus who fled Kashmir in the 1990s were not killed by Pakistani Muslims, but by their own Kashmiri neighbours, with whom they used to eat breakfast and lunch together, celebrate festivals together, consume tea together, for generations together!*

*After that, when the entire Kashmir valley became empty of Hindus, then the Muslims, with the help of the bureaucracy and Farooq Abdullah, petitioned that some rules be framed so that these houses, shops, lands, fields and barns of Hindus be given to the Muslims!*

*So the Farooq Abdullah as the Chief Mnister of Jammu & Kashmir, signed "The Roshni Act" and through this "Roshni Act", the land, farm, , house or shop of any Hindu became that of a Muslim for just ₹ 101 (USD 1.30)!* *The trick used was as follows:*

*Since  three hundred thousand Hindus wr slaughtered,raped n thrown out of the Kashmir Valley over 6 months in 1990, with their bag and baggage and left everything else behind in Kashmir like all immovable properties like houses, shops , offices and building buildings and farms!*

*They could not pay the Electricity bill, due to the fear of death on returning to the Kashmir Valley to their homes and so the electricity connections of their fields or shops or houses were first disconnected by the Govt of J&K because of non payment of dues!*

*It was omitted in the disconnection orders that the Hindus who stayed around the houses of the Muslims, are no longer in Kashmir!* *Due to disconnection of the electricity meters, there was darkness around these properties, which was a danger to the neighbouring Muslims!*

*That is why it was necessary to light such properties!* *In this way,  the fabric of "The Roshni Act" was woven by Farooq, Omar and supported by other CMs like Mehbooba Mufti and the Congress swines!*

*Then Farooq Abdullah got The Roshni ( Light) Act passed by the State Assembly!* *Through this Act, any Muslim could apply in his name to get an electricity connection for the farm, farm house or shop of that Hindu by paying only ₹ 101 fee!*

*In this way, first the electricity bill was generated in the name of the applying Muslim, and after that in a few years the full ownership of the house, shop or farm of the Hindu was given to that Muslim!*

*In this way, by this "Roshni ( Light ) Act", Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah and all the swines mentioned above gave the valuable properties of 300,000 Hindus of the Kashmir Valley to the Muslims for just Rs 101. (Today's USD 1.30 )!*

n the most surprising thing is,Left media of India nvr discussed "Roshni Act" in the last 30 yrs n today by the power of Social Media I came to knw abt it!* *By the way, the same was done in Europe with the wealth of the massacred Jews by the Nazis n the neighbours of the Jews!*

*Your duty is to make all Indians aware of this information by sharing this news so that Farooq, Mehbooba Mufti n Ghulam Nabi Azad

and the Kashmiri bureaucrats are made to stand trial and are put to death for the killing of 10,000 Hindus and the systematic driving out of 300,000 Kashmiri Hindus from their Motherland!!* @saloni202020

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