Seduction & Masculinity 🪬 PlayboysParadox

Seduction & Masculinity 🪬 PlayboysParadox



Most men don’t understand how to get a girl to be loyal This is how:

First What you must understand is that women desire to feel negative emotions Just as much as they desire to feel positive ones

You’ll notice that women love watching tv shows about Drama, horror, & unfaithful men They reap pleasure from pain

This is true because negative emotions are most stimulating & emotions are women’s drug of choice They love the escape from reality these intense emotions provide

So you must understand that if you want her to obsess over you You must feed her negative emotions at times Drama, unfaithfulness, etc

She wants her life to feel like a movie & no movie is a good movie without some ups and downs

You want to make her feel two different emotions at once You can do this by complimenting her but than following it with a tease Or create drama & follow it with rough passionate makeup sex

Understand she is an emotional creature that craves intense... sex, love, drama, & heartbreak If not she will get BORED & go looking for it elsewhere

This is why women love the bad boys The bad boy keeps her on her toes She never knows what will happen next with him He’s unpredictable & this keeps her constantly intrigued always coming back for more

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