Brittle ❤️‍🩹 Tired and Stressed Arc 😭

Brittle ❤️‍🩹 Tired and Stressed Arc 😭



#sakuatsu nsfw| Virgin Atsumu| Big dick Experienced Omi Summary: Atsumu has been a virgin his whole life bc his asshole is small, so when his bf, Kiyoomi, wants to fuck him, he is scared. I think you know why 😉😉 Enjoy 💕⬇️⬇️

“It’s not gonna fit,” Atsumu said, laying on the bed with Kiyoomi in their underwear; Atsumu had his legs pressed together and his arms covered his chest. It was as if he was a sheepish high school girl. +

“What are you talking about?” Kiyoomi asked, tilting his head. He was on his hands and knees above Atsumu. Atsumu looked to the side, his cheeks tinted pink, and mumbled, “‘M jus’ sayin’ tha’ it’s not gonna fit,” +

“We’ll see about that,” Kiyoomi declared, hooking his pointer finger in the waistband and slowly bringing it down. Atsumu started to groan. It’s not that he doesn’t want to have sex with Kiyoomi, but he was just a little scared. +

Atsumu's legs lifted, and his only coverage was gone. “Beautiful,” Kiyoomi said, and he took off his own underpants. +

When they both were changing in the locker room, Atsumu saw how big Sakusa’s bulge was, but that doesn’t explain why he was so horrified when Kiyoomi’s cock slapped onto his belly. It looked like it was about 10 inches. +

“Like what you see, Atsu?” Kiyoomi asked, stroking his cock at a slow pace. Atsumu gulped, squeezing his legs together again, “None of that now,” Kiyoomi cooed, stroking Atsumu’s legs, “open up,” with his two hands, he spread Atsumu’s legs and lifted them to his chest, to get +

a good view. “Omi!” Atsumu’s face grew red, not looking at Kiyoomi’s face. He whined when Kiyoomi didn’t say anything. He heard rustling behind him and the sound of a drawer opening and a bottle cap popping open. +

Atsumu jumped when something small and wet wiggled into him. He glanced to the side and saw Kiyoomi had stuck his pinky finger inside of him. His hand glistened with lube. “Omi, wha-” Kiyoomi shushed him and stated, moving his pinky at a leisurely pace, “I like a challenge,” +

Atsumu whimpered, “It’s such a cute little hole, Atsumu. Is that why you were a virgin for all these years?” Atsumu covered his face with his hands and slowly nodded. “I thought you were saving yourself for me,” Kiyoomi laughed, “Seems that I was mistaken,” +

Atsumu whined. “Hush,” Kiyoomi said in a gentle tone, “I promise to be gentle with you,” adding another finger. After a while, Kiyoomi had four fingers in Atsumu's ass, making him all nice and loose. +

"I think you're ready," he slipped his fingers out and reached for the lube he laid beside him on the bed. "Keep your knees to your chest, ok, Atsumu," Atsumu nodded, placing his hands under his knees. +

Kiyoomi got up, and searched his bag for something, coming back with a small packet, "Hopefully it's my size," and Kiyoomi poured the lube into his palm and spread it all over his cock, "Ready?" Atsumu nodded hesitantly. +

Kiyoomi’s cock head poked his rim, and before pushing in, Kiyoomi mentioned with a reassuring tone, “I’ll take it slow since it’s your first time,” and slowly penetrated Atsumu. +

Fear flooded Atsumu’s body, squirming at the uncomfortable stretch, “Take it out! Take it out! Take it out! Take it out!” he chanted as tears slipped from his eyes. Kiyoomi kissed him to distract him, but that didn’t seem to work when Atsumu pushed at his torso. +

"Stop. Stop!" Kiyoomi did, with concern on his face. “What’s wrong?” he asked, “Are you hurt?” Atsumu glared at him, “Obviously, yer fuckin’ rippin’ me apart, ya jerk!” Kiyoomi laughs, “Why are ya laughing?!” +

“It always feels like that for the first time, baby, but trust me,” he leaned down to Atsumu’s ear, “It gets better,” his hands gripped his hips and asked, “Do I have your permission to continue?” “Gimme a sec to adjust to ya, yer fuckin’ big!” +

“Thanks for the compliment,” Atsumu hit him, “Jerk,” A few minutes passed, and Atsumu bit his lip, staring into Kiyoomi’s eyes, and nodded, making Kiyoomi grin, “Thank you,” readying himself, “Here I go,” Kiyoomi teased, slowly moving. +

Atsumu gripped Kiyoomi’s shoulders and bit his lip as his rim stretched from the size of Sakusa’s cock. "Gorgeous little thing you are, Atsumu," Kiyoomi grinned, slowly thrusted into Atsumu, "and perfect," giving Atsumu’s left ass cheek a light pat, +

"So very perfect for me," taking one of Atsumu’s hands, “Can you feel me moving inside you?” placing his hand flatly on his stomach, “Don’t you feel my dick poking you?” “Yeah, I do,” Atsumu breaths, feeling little jabs on his palm, “It’s nice,” +

Tears slipped from Atsumu’s eyes, clutching to Kiyoomi’s body, his face in his neck, murmuring something. “What was that, Atsu?” Sakusa felt Atsumu bit his lip and lean back, Atsumu glanced up at him and said, a little more vocally, “Faster,” +

Kiyoomi grinned and slammed into Atsumu. Atsumu was overwhelmed by the pleasure sensation and pain, but he didn't want it to stop, “Ah, Ah, Ah, O-Omi! Harder!” Kiyoomi complied, speeding his pace, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! /Fuck!/ Omi!" +

Atsumu held onto his boyfriend as if his life depended on it, his body sliding up and down the covers. "So. Fucking. Perfect!" Kiyoomi’s cockhead hit a sensitive spot inside of Atsumu, making him scream, "W-What was that?!" +

"I think I found your prostate," Sakusa smirked, hitting it over and over again. Atsumu clenched his ass, Kiyoomi chuckled, "Doesn't it feel so good?" Atsumu frantically nodded, "Mhm, yes it does!" +

Sakusa wiped Atsumu’s bangs off his forehead and said, "I'll make you feel even better," pounding into Atsumu. A hand wrapped around the other's cock and pumped it. +

"Nipples!" Atsumu gasped out, "My nipples!" "What about them?" Kiyoomi asked, keeping his thrusts steady, hand still stroking Atsumu. "Play with them!" Atsumu arched his back, "Make me feel good!" +

Kiyoomi beamed, taking his other hand off Atsumu’s dick, his fingers plucked and pulled at the little buds. "Shit, Omi!" Atsumu locked Kiyoomi in his legs, allowing him further into him. "Ya feel so good!" +

"As do you," Kiyoomi said back, kissing his forehead. His thumbs pressed down and rubbed the buds in little circles. Atsumu arched his back, hole clenching around Kiyoomi’s cock. +

"Ah, Omi, I-I’m so… I'm so close,” Atsumu gasped, squirming, hand trailing down and pumping his dick. "Cum, baby,” Kiyoomi gripped Atsumu’s hips once more, slamming into Atsumu. “Ah, fuck!” White painted Atsumu’s hands and chest, his limbs feeling like jelly. +

With a few more thrusts, Kiyoomi spilled his seed into the condom, his body falling on top of Atsumu, both breathing heavily “Wow, so that was sex,” “Yes, it was Atsu, I’m glad I was your first,” +

Atsumu giggled, and kissed him, “And you’ll be my second,” wrapping his arms around Kiyoomi’s neck, “Let’s go again,” - End

I was kinda scared to post this, I'm not good at writing smut at all. So hopefully this came out good. 💕

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