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Freelancing is one of the fastest growing careers. If you’re looking to start Freelancing. Here are 10 FREE websites that will help you find work and get paid:

1. Fiverr One of the best job portals in the world.  On the website, you can find freelance jobs in a number of fields, including social media, digital marketing, web development, etc. Check here👇

2. Upwork Upwork is trusted by leading brands and startups This platform offers a wide range of jobs, from coding to writing to graphic designing. Check here👇

3. Toptal Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers and writers in the world. Top companies hire Toptal freelancers for their most important projects. Check here👇

5. Simply Hired This job board has millions of jobs from all over the world. You can find find work related to Web Development, Graphics and and more categories. Check here👇

6. PeoplePerHour It is a platform for freelancers who need work in the fields of programming, social media, etc. I personally use this for Web Designing clients. Check here👇

8. LinkedIn Yes, you can find freelancing clients through LinkedIn as well. Every 24 hours, this platform provides more than 1000 freelance-related jobs. Check here👇

9. Behance This platform is for you if you have expertise in web design, photography, or artwork. Check here👇

10. Dribble If you are skilled in mobile design, animation, drawing, and creative work, then Dribble is the best choice. Best for Designers in my opinion. Check here👇

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