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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MERCURY: With RISE of pharmakeia and the FALL of humanities health, the deliberate introduction of Mercury, resulting in our new Hell-lth care system. "The "quack doctor" Paracelsus introduced quicksilver into medicine." W.D Stokes 1888

Excerpts from The VaxcyneWatchman 1888.

Mercury is responsible for some of the biggest problems we have in human health today, a toxic metal, introduced in small quantities that will have a detrimental effect on health and likely be untraced by your doctor.

Mercury interferes with the hormones, used since early times in alchemy to assist with the transformation of the divine androgyne. Who the world stage has front row programming making sure your programmed emotions fit well with your toxins.

In your teeth fillings. Have them removed if at all possible.

Here's the one to blow your mind. Why NOW the "conspiracy" revolving around graphene in the vaxcynes? You are meant to be conductive to the superconductors.

You may not know it but there are signs of this EVERYWHERE, and it's name is programmable matter aka black goo. This technology is not new. The new world order is actually OLD ORDER, but including the entire world.

Black goo refers more to the alien style infectious version, and programmable matter is the controlled version through technology

Watch this guy's videos if you wanna go down this rabbit hole.

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