NSFW Queen 👑

NSFW Queen 👑



#miyacestober2022 day 6 - fantasy Ever since Atsumu had discovered his magic he had been surrounded by admirers, circles of people so thick Osamu was lucky if he could catch a glimpse of his brother's golden hair. It was infuriating as much as it brought him joy.>>

Of course Atsumu deserved attention and all the praise he was currently receiving, but not at the expense of Osamu's time with him. That was where Osamu drew the line. - Osamu's magic had always been more subtle than Atsumu's. Most of the court didn't even know he had it. >>

He was the quiet prince. The calm and steady counterpart to Atsumu's bright charm and the pulsing brilliance of his transfiguration magic. They didn't know that all Osamu needed to do was pull a string in another plane and they would all part for him like water. >>

This evening was particularly galling as a ring of suitors crowded around Atsumu. It was well known that the royal family followed the old ways, that twins were betrothed at birth. Some people still held out hope it seemed. Some people needed to be shown their place. >>

Osamu closed his eyes hard enough for sparks to burst in the darkened space behind his eyelids. When he finally opened his eyes again the sparks remained, each dancing in his vision until they attached themselves to an individual. Blues and pinks and greens.>>

Each color marked a different soul, each a handhold for Osamu to grasp and manipulate. Atsumu's peal of laughter reverberated in his ear and Osamu grinned. The colorful sparks twinkled with urgency, with delight and Osamu realized: they really thought they had a chance. >>

Well he would just have to prove them wrong. One spark drew his eye more than the others, its brilliance nearly illuminating Atsumu's face from how closely the man stood to Osamu's twin. He was the boldest of the lot: Osamu's target. >>

Osamu mentally reached out and tapped the spark so it reverberated in his ear. When the sound cleared Osamu could hear his voice as if he were speaking directly in his mind. He was flattering Atsumu. Numbering his great qualities. He was even so bold as to >>

Ask why "waste all this on a brother." Osamu tugged and delighted as the man stumbled in reality. He could hear his apologies as the suitor tried to regain his composure, but Osamu tugged again. He would have done it once more, but he could feel eyes on him. >>

Atsumu's eyes, wide and filled with mirth and utter perfect adoration. Atsumu waved his hand, seemingly to placate the man, but a napkin at the table Osamu leaned against burst into a flower in a shower of gold.>>

Osamu in turn tugged at the Golden spark he always saw at the heart of Atsumu's chest, just enough to know he would hear Osamu's voice in his ear. "Show off," he murmured and Atsumu grinned. The ring of suitors seemed to realize they had lost Atsumu's attention. >>

They all clamored closer but Atsumu waved them away and made his way across the hall to Osamu. When he collapsed into Osamu's lap Osamu couldn't help but pull him close, to kiss his neck and check and teasing mouth. All his regardless of ehat others thought.>>

If he had bothered to look Osamu might have seen the anguish on the number of jilted men, but Atsumu tasted so sweet he couldn't find the energy to care. "Ya know, ya could have just called me over," Atsumu teased as he settled himself more securely in Osamu's lap.>>

Dinner was about to be served, every noble taking their seat with one eye towards the kitchen and the other to the high table where Atsumu showed no sign of going to his own seat. "How would that have been fun, though?" Osamu parroted one if Atsumu's own phrases back at him >>

"True,"Atsumu conceded and with a wink transformed the floral center pieces at every table into miniature fountains that filled the room with a gentle babel. Under the cover of noise and the servants distributing plates Atsumu commanded, "Kiss me." And Osamu did.//

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