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How To Be Driven & Motivated 7 Ways To Transform Your Life = THREAD =

1. Find your "WHY" The most important step in all of this What is your why? - Your Family - Your Friends - Your Legacy If you know this you can work through anything in life Even the hard days Find your why and you will dominate

2. Change your belief in what limits you Limiting beliefs are holding you back Even if you don't realize it Fill your head with positive thoughts through: - Books - Stories - Movies Here is what I do,

I have YouTube Premium and everyday I start out with motivational speeches and videos Videos can be from any of the sources above, they just need to help you see possibility It gets me ready to run through a brick wall Try it for a week, Results will follow

3. Change your belief in what's possible I was raised by a high school drop out, born from a prostitute Most said my future was set in stone But, I chose to break this curse This has resulted in a terminal degree, high-paying job, and most importantly a healthy family

4. Spend more time in your values Values are the foundation for habits I value hard work, excellence, and passion So when I look at the future I prioritize activities and jobs that align with those values It allows me to be motivated daily because I am in complete alignment

5. Surround yourself with catalysts First of all, you need to be your own catalyst But we all need other catalyst in our life for the days where we fall short Keep it simple Find people that give your energy, drive you, and motivate you The right people are a cheat code

6. Build better feedback loops If you can focus on progress, you will be more successful Focus on: - Immediate feedback - Make it accurate and relevant - Focus on building actionable plans Create more of these moments and use feedback as a tool not

7. Set compelling goals Society teaches us to play it safe Don't set yourself up for failure, Only do what is comfortable This is a lie Set goals that excite you for the results and the journey This will keep you happy and motivated through it all

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