Tom Dante

Tom Dante



A thread on "energies". When I was in prop (so many of my stories start like this), the risk book was displayed at the front of the office. It had all the traders P&L for the day on it. For privacy reasons we weren't supposed to be looking at it...

...but of course, we all tried to catch a glimpse of it as we walked past. One day, I noticed the biggest trader in the firm was over $300k up.

One of the other guys on the floor, who had also got wind of this, sauntered over to him and said: "So, how's your day going?", knowing full well how his day was going. Being in earshot, I acted busy but listened intently. The trader replied: "It's going alright" and shrugged.

The other guy laughed and said: "I saw the risk book mate. I'd say it's going a bit better than alright". At which point, the big trader said: "When you're making a lot of money, the biggest mistake you can make is telling anyone because they'll send you negative energy."

He went on: "They may smile and say well done to your face but deep down they will send this energy because most people want you to fail so they feel better about themselves."

"So," he said, "Often when I'm up big, I'll just say it's not been a great day. That way they won't perceive me as a threat and if they think I'm losing they might even send me positive energy. That's what I want when I trade."

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