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🧵🚨 URGENT: Happening NOW - A source reported to Vladimir Osechkin (on the "scam of the century" involving Gazprom's assets in Europe.

The special services in Moscow flew by roundabout routes to Berlin (Markgrafenstraße 23), London (20 Triton St, London NW1 3BF) and Manchester UK (a government office for corporate records there) to ensure the urgent re-registration of Gazprom's assets

in Germany, England and a number of other countries to the shell companies of the group that controls Gazprom.

The "deals of the century" were triple-checked, coordinated by Sergei Korolev, First Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service of Russia, and reported to Putin accordingly.

All of Gazprom's assets abroad - offices, equipment, strategic gas storage facilities worth more than 10 billion euros - are now being registered in a hurry under fictitious contracts to companies created a few days ago.

For example, the assets of GM&T London subsidiary (Gazprom's trading company) worth over £2,000,000,000 were re-registered yesterday and today to a certain Palmari firm.

A number of other assets of Gasprom Germany GmbH were also re-registered in a hurry to GPEBS, whose owner, according to the source, is Palmari, created less than a year ago with a new head with name initial "Ц" selected from managers of the Apparatus and Departments of Gazprom.

The source says that virtually everyone involved in these transactions - including Alexey Miller himself (CEO of Gazprom), his confidants Igor Fedorov (head of the German branch) and Wolfgang Scribot (head of the British branch) and more than 300 other employees in Berlin.

For the last two days, for the first time since the invasion began, the priority issue within the Lubyanka Square (FSB) has been not Ukraine and the war, or Sechin’s oil depot or someone's Mi-24, but the urgent dissipation of "national patrimony."

This story of fraud to the tune of over $10,000,000,000 will have long-lasting consequences, and events involving a clash of interests of a number of countries, pressure groups and special services will form the basis of new detectives and political thrillers.

According to the source, a number of employees of these offices with Russian citizenship have seriously considered applying for political asylum and now intend to forget about traveling to Russia once and for all.

The urgency and panic around the hasty re-registration of Gazprom's assets indicates once again that no one in Russia has ever seriously prepared for war and large-scale sanctions from the West.

Instead of analyzing and working out a "plan B", the big bosses at Lubyanka (FSB) were busy not protecting national interests and state security in the economy,

but rather placing their children & family member in money positions in Russian subsidiaries of Gazprom and covering up corruption schemes with purchases and tenders. (END OF TRANSLATION)

REQUEST: Both Vladimir and I have been doing this work without expending any money. We will be much more effective if we can allocate financial resources and take this fight to the next level. Help provide Humanitarian aid to Ukraine & also fund us:

CONTEXT: Just days ago the West decided to proceed with seizing Gazprom assets in Europe, as Gazprom is a Russian-government-owned entity. Meaning Gazprom "belongs" to the people of Russia.

These are attempts to urgently avoid the seizures by transferring all Gazprom assets in Europe worth $10B to private companies owned by the Russian mafia, so there'd be nothing left to seize/freeze,& these few individuals would come out with $10B that belongs to Russian people.

NUTSHELL: Russian Mafia led by Putin is urgently hiding money to evade sanctions. $10 billion is not a small sum. So the West needs to act. The FSB is doing this with collaborators & conspirators in the West. That corruption needs to be rooted out immediately. #WindofChange

The prepared document dated 3/31/2022. Title of this form: "About material facts or other events or actions that, in the opinion of the issuer (Gazprom), have a significant impact on the value or quotations of the issuer's securities." Listed Gazprom signer is "E.V. Mihailova"

I present you the amazing @robbiewilliams

Turns out Putin's Mafia owns billions of dollars worth of shares of Facebook & Twitter. They also own Jared Kushner & his brother. Oopsie.

Russian Mafia led by Putin is right now committing the "Heist of the Century" - theft of $10 billion of Gazprom's assets in Europe, assisted by accomplices from the West in execution of the conspiracy. This information now available in article form here:

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