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Here’s how to completely change your life and get whatever the fuck you want:

Bold statement, but I’m not kidding. Here's what we'll cover: 1. How the life gap is ruining your progress 2. How you can fill in the gap 3. Why goals suck 4. Telling the little bitch voice to shut up

First, you need to understand a concept that I call the life-gap:

When we arrive on this beautiful world, we have ZERO control over: - Who our parents are - Where we are born - How much money our family has - What colour our skin is - How we’re raised when we are dependant - What education we received - Any chronic illnesses/disabilities/etc.

And this creates what I call the life gap.

The life gap is the simple fact that some people are born into positions that other people will work their entire lives trying to get to. You see, some kids are born to billionaire parents, others born in complete poverty. Neither had any control of their starting position.

Those are two extremes, and there’s a spectrum between. So, this means that people's dreams & goals are based on the "distance" between the two points, instead of just the destination. The larger the distance, the more work, intensity, luck & belief required to get there.

For example, I'm very fucking proud of my current financial position. I worked my ass off to get here. There are kids in this world who have been born into 5x, 10, even 20x the wealth that I have. They would be disgusted if they were in my position.

On the flip side, there are millions of people who were born into complete poverty. Their life's mission & dreams are to reach the middle class (which the statistical majority of us were born into) That's just how the world works.

There is a massive group of people who will work their entire life trying to reach the position you were born into. And there are kids who are born into the position you are working your ass off to get to.

Everyone’s dreams are different, but there's one similarity, most dreams need improvement to fill in the gap. Most people dream of: - Money - Wealth - Freedom - Travel - Partners - Love Etc.

Very few people dream of becoming crack addicts and losing their house. So now we’ve established point A (where you’re born and how that effects the level of your dreams), now we need to establish point B. Shoot yourself forward 5 years. What does your life look like?

(If you haven't done this already, I have a detailed thread on how to do this properly that you need to read)

What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you living? What physical shape are you in? What does your house look like? Do you have a dog? (If you do I call dibs being the god father)

Cool, now your dream life should cover the big three: Health, wealth & love. I want you to think about what goals you want to hit in each area. These should be so big that your lil bitch voice (now known as the LBV) is trying to scream "that’s not going to happen!"

Got it? Is the LBV mad? Good, else you aren’t dreaming big enough.

Now here’s the kicker, goals suck, and here’s why. Goals reinforce a lack of. Let's say your goal is to have a six pack, or have an amazing partner. Setting that as a goal and mentally jerking off to it everyday subconsciously reinforces a lack of it.

Your subconscious rules your life, and there’s a dark sadistic part of your ego that LOVES the fact that you aren’t living your dream life now. So instead of setting these massive goals that seem so big and scary, we need to attack it day by day and close the gap.

All you need to do is start acting in alignment to the best version of yourself. Now, this doesn’t work if you switch up for one day then just go back. Remember, the bigger the gap, the more intensity, consistency & work needed to get you there.

Future you is a beast, he’s fucking good at what he does, and will outperform you without breaking a sweat, so don’t compete, build.

Does future you read a book a week? Start with one page a day. Does future you run marathons? Start with walking around your block. Is future you an outstanding copywriter? Start with one headline.

Build the habits, because habits compound. Walk around your block for a week, even on the days you don’t feel like it, and see how quickly you improve. See how quickly you get bored with just one, and how you start doing two, three, four, five.

Feeling shit? You only have to do one, and then you’ve won. That's the key.

You’ve proved to the LBV that you’re acting inline with the future version of you is the most powerful thing you could do. Focus on small daily wins, and before you know it you’ll have a new set of dreams and you’ll be unsatisfied when you reach your previous ones.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for you), I don't have a gumroad link or some ebook to sell you. But, if you enjoyed this thread please do your boy a solid and drop a follow, as well as retweet the first tweet 🫡

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