Joseph Lee, MD

Joseph Lee, MD



1.1 IF THIS DOESN'T STOP THE VACCINE ...... I'm at a loss for words and I'm going to pretend NO ONE ever heard what I have to say, and I'm gonna choose my BEST and STRONGEST and MOST RATIONAL argument to end the COVID vaccine for this thread.

1.2 Let's all go back in our minds eye to January of 2020. Can we all agree? that 99.99% of the population did NOT have COVID antibodies? Because it requires being infected with COVID and waiting a couple of weeks or having a vaccine. NO ONE HAD EITHER.

1.3 So, then EVERY person in (Make) America (GA) that GOT infected with COVID had NO COVID IgG antibodies and NO COVID IgA NOSE antibodies and NO COVID trained T cells? And 20 million of us in this Great country were infected?

1.4 Each of the 20 million that got infected with COVID, on DAY 1 of their illness, NO COVID immunity of ANY kind. on DAY 7 of their illness, NO COVID immunity of ANY kind. Right??? Well, at least NO COVID immunity that the VAXXERS want to acknowledge.

1.5 Well, of these 20 million, 99% healed in under 10 days or had DEFINITELY turned the corner by 10 days, WITHOUT COVID antibodies, without COVID trained T cells. Correct? AND YET WE HEALED. 99% of us.

1.6 Now, if 99% of us can heal well WITHOUT COVID antibodies and WITHOUT COVID trained T-cells, then has ANYONE EXPLAINED HOW WE ACTUALLY HEALED??? what mechanism the body used???

1.7 To say, Oh, he healed. He recovered. Heal. Recover. ONE WORD. that is NOT a scientific explanation!!! Because guess what? if we KNOW what mechanism was USED, and if THAT mechanism healed 99% of us fairly easily. . .

1.8 . . . that mechanism that healed 99% of us in 2020, if we FACILITATE that mechanism, maybe we can bump it up to 99.99% and everyone that heals ACTUALLY has an easier time during the recovery??? Isn't THAT a possibility???

1.9 So, remember please. NO COVID antibody in the year 2020 to STOP a SINGLE COVID virus from infecting a lung cell. The COVID virus had a field day, willy nilly, infecting as MANY LUNG CELLS as it wanted, since NO COVID antibodies ANYWHERE TO THWART IT.

2.0 And REMEMBER please, we didn't ALL just melt and turn into mush and become the 12th season of the walking dead. WE DID PRETTY WELL. So, let's talk about HOW we SURVIVED SOOO WELL when the COVID virus had a FIELD day, NO COPS EVERYONE!!!! FREE FOR ALL!!

2.1 the COVID virus INFECTS a lung cell. The virus INJECTS its viral RNA into the lung cell. What do YOU think the lung cell should do with this viral RNA? Yes. DESTROY IT. That is what you should ALWAYS DO to the enemy. Now, what do YOU know that can destroy RNA?

2.2 We are STILL talking about how 99% of us recovered from COVID in 2020 when there WERE no COVID antibodies around. So, the lung cell is infected with viral RNA and we need to destroy this viral RNA. WHICH MOLECULE helps us??? The Ribonuclease enzyme.

2.3 Ribonuclease enzymes are AMAZINGLY EFFICIENT at destroying RNA, our RNA, viral RNA, even dumb stupid vaccine RNA (which is why the vial is frozen during transport, to stop this RNase). So, can you think of any OTHER way to destroy the virus RNA enemy???

2.4 NO?? Then we ALL agree the RNase enzyme is probably what destroyed ALL the VIRUS RNA within our lung cells in the year 2020?? Interesting. I don't hear any dissent.

2.5 Okay. To summarize so far. COVID virus had a field day in 2020 since no COVID antibodies to stop it and the COVID viral RNA inside lung cells is being destroyed by RNase. Up to speed? NOW. How do we FACILITATE THIS mechanism?? so we can turn that 99 into 99.99??

2.6 RNase enzymes if they are ALWAYS active clearly present a problem EVEN for our healthy lung cells that need to GROW. So, the RNase has an Inhibitor that is another protein that BINDS this RNase EXTREMELY tightly, stronger than almost ANY known protein to protein interaction

2.7 Fasting increases reactive oxygen species. These oxygen species OXIDIZE the INHIBITOR. Once the INHIBITOR is oxidized, it LETS GO OF THE RNase. And then MORE RNase enzyme molecules can destroy RNA, including VIRAL RNA.

2.8 So in 2020, We HEALED from COVID, in large part due to RNase enzymes that DESTROYED COVID viral RNA within lung cells. We can FACILITATE this mechanism that saved 99% of us WITHOUT COVID antibodies present by FASTING for two days.

2.9. In 2020, the COVID antibody WAS NOT THERE. (see why vaccine is NOT necessary?) The RNase enzyme WAS THERE. Facilitating the RNase enzyme by FASTING (a two day fast is the cure) will END THE COVID PANDEMIC FOREVER. My frustration with STUPID physicians is making me mean.

3.0 My proof? 7 billion of us, when we were little and got sick, we got fussy and DID NOT EAT. If you love your elderly relatives you will tell them this. because, after being infected with COVID, the first two days, FOOD CAN KILL YOU. Don't we ALL want to help????

3.1 In medicine, we call a revolution, a "paradigm shift". Well, that's what your witnessing LIVE. There won't be a "paradigm shift" THIS big, again in medicine, maybe ever. So, be a part of it. retweet it. the revolution is in your hands. and enjoy watching history unfold.

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