AtsuSuna Suna is the calm one, the cool one. Rarely showing much emotion in front of others. That is, until he’s in a locked room with Atsumu. Then he becomes a desperate, needy thing. Just a hint of Atsumu’s spread thighs has Suna on his knees, begging. “Baby, don’t you want

me to make you feel good? Don’t you want me to feel good? I’ll take your mouth, your thighs, your ass. Please, baby. Anything.” Atsumu always feels embarrassed at first, but then a thrill. He feels so beautiful, so wanted. Atsumu leans back, hitching his legs up so Suna can see

his wet hole. “C’mere,” Atsumu crooks a finger at him. “Thank you baby, so fucking good to me. My baby always takes care of me,” Suna clambers over him, hands shaking as he tugs his pants down. “I’ll make you feel good, gorgeous. Make you cum apart on my cock.” The moan that

rips out of Suna as he pushes in makes Atsumu’s skin burn. His body did that. It makes Suna shiver and moan pitifully, hips twitching. “So hot, baby. Tight. Thank you, thank you.” Suna hunches over him, arms quaking. It makes Atsumu feel powerful. “Make me feel good, Rin,”

Atsumu presses a quick kiss to Suna’s cheek and neck. “Of course. Of course. Anything for you.” Suna fucks him like he’s a blessing sent from god. Like he’d die if he couldn’t. Atsumu loves it, can’t ever get enough of Suna begging for more, voice cracking as he cums.

“Perfect. Thank you. Love you so much,” Suna whispers into his skin every time. So sweet in his completion. “Love ya, too,” Atsumu smiles. He’s never going to get tired of Suna’s desperation.

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