#Dreambooth will change how 2D game assets are being designed or generated. Today's exploration: treasure chests πŸ’ŽπŸ’°. I trained Stable Diffusion with some low-poly treasure chests (23 images). 1h later, here's what's possible (🧡):

At first, I randomly generated a set of 64 items, without any specific prompt engineering ("a treasure chest").

Here's a close-up view:

It's possible to add some backgrounds as well (forest, ocean)...

... or to generate a set of icons (with the squircle frame)

Let's be more specific and design "an old Asian treasure chest". Like the one pictured below. Pretty easy... by using #img2img, I'm getting similar low-poly chests that look like the original photograph.

The same concept, this time with a "wooden pirate chestβ€œ. The model keeps the shape of the original image.

There's literally no limit. In the example below, I added: "wooden", "steel", "golden" and even "Halloween" & "Christmas".

Some more explorations (spaceship chest, superhero chest, chest with legs...)

Please reach out if you're a concept artist and would like to try this with your own art/style/content (from props to characters, weapons, environments, etc). 🀝 #StableDiffusion #AIgenerated #Dreambooth #Gaming

More Dreambooth explorations here:

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