~NSFW~ Atsumu is an affectionate drunk. That’s the formal way to describe it — but in reality, he’s a stage-ten flirt, and no one is off-limits. Tonight he’s about three shots over his tolerance level and decided that just telling his teammates how good they look isn’t enough.

He has to kiss them. A kiss on the forehead for Hinata because he’s a doll, a kiss on Bokuto’s bare bicep because, c’mon, who wouldn’t? He kisses Inunaki and Tomas on the cheek — even Meian indulges him and lets him kiss his palm, and then there’s just one person left.

Atsumu finds Sakusa in the bathroom. “Omi-kun! I’ve been lookin’ for ya!” Sakusa raises an eyebrow at him. He’s his own sort of drunk — a little hazy, eyes hooded. “I’m cutting you off if you ask me to take another shot with you.”

“Noo, no,” Atsumu insists, bouncing over into Sakusa’s space. “You just look so cute tonight, Omi, I gotta —” He smacks one right on Sakusa’s cheek. It’s soft, so soft that Atsumu gives him one more for good measure.

When he pulls away, Sakusa is staring at him in a way that gets muddled in Atsumu’s drunken brain — did Sakusa like that, or is he plotting his murder? Maybe Atsumu should have a little more self-preservation, maybe — Sakusa grabs him by the wrist.

Sakusa grabs him by the wrist. “If you're going to kiss me, kiss me properly." “Huh —” Then there are lips on Atsumu’s — /Sakusa’s/ lips are on Atsumu’s. Sakusa has never kissed Atsumu before, not once, not ever, but he’s doing it now, and fuck, okay, Atsumu is going for it.

He man-handles Sakusa against the sink, pressing their hips together and deepening the kiss so he can properly taste — he’s a combination of vodka cranberry and his favorite brand of cherry chapstick, and Atsumu devours him.

Well, maybe he’s the one getting devoured. Sakusa isn’t wasting any time. He licks into Atsumu’s mouth, /moans/ into it, and his hands trail down from his back to Atsumu’s ass. He squeezes and Atsumu whimpers.

“Why are ya such a good kisser?” Atsumu gasps when Sakusa lets him breathe. “Been practicin’?” Sakusa kneads Atsumu’s ass in his hands, mouths at his neck and licks up until his lips are right at Atsumu’s ear. “Maybe I’ve been practicing for the moment you finally kiss me.”

“Oh?” Atsumu bares his neck, hoping Sakusa will kiss it more. He ruts against him, feeling his cock against his own. Hard, big — fuck. “Good to know. Next time I’ll save all my kisses for you.”

“You better save everything for me,” Sakusa says, and he moves his hand, bringing it to Atsumu’s crotch. He squeezes. “I want to take it all from you.” “How about tonight?” Sakusa smirks, plants a small, chaste kiss on Atsumu’s cheek. “Lead the way home.”

thank u @blurrykiyoomi for picking this prompt from the list <3

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