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30 commandments all men must live by:

1. Ye shall not watch porn—or masturbate.

2. Ye shall sleep at least 7 hours each night.

3. Ye shall eat healthy food 80% of the time.

4. Ye shall drink water first in the morning and last at night.

5. Ye shall outwork every man around you.

6. Ye shall demand respect.

7. Ye shall give without expecting to receive, but never become a doormat.

8. Ye shall not tolerate disrespect—from anyone.

9. Ye shall become an effective communicator.

10. Ye shall be clear, decisive, and direct.

11. Ye shall say what you want.

12. Ye shall say what you mean and mean you say.

13. Ye shall never break your word.

14. Ye shall remove all negative people from your life.

15. Ye shall remove all negative influences and distractions from your life.

16. Ye shall never place love above your purpose.

17. Ye shall understand and multiply your finances.

18. Ye shall surround yourself with people who inspire you.

19. Ye shall remove habits that are not making you money.

20. Ye shall limit time spent on social media each day.

21. Ye shall plan in periods of proper rest.

22. Ye shall walk away from any man or woman who does not meet your needs.

23. Ye shall eliminate any and all debts.

24. Ye shall take risk.

25. Ye shall be consistent.

26. Ye shall be persistent.

27. Ye shall waste no time.

28. Ye shall take your goals by force.

29. Ye shall make and keep your body strong.

30. Ye shall live for yourself and answer to no man.

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