What if Osamu is the hardest person to buy a gift for? He claims he doesn’t ever need anything and it drives Atsumu crazy. So on their 21st birthday, exactly 3 months after Osamu opened Onigiri Miya, Atsumu gives him a piece of paper. +

At Osamu’s raised eyebrow, Atsumu says, “Just read it, ya jerk.” It’s a thank you note from the MSBY Black Jackals to their newest sponsor, Onigiri Miya. He’s stunned. Atsumu smirks, “It’s a paid in full 5 year sponsor contract and it’s the last birthday I’m ever getting ya”+

Osamu launches himself at Atsumu knocking him off his feet with the hug. “Ya scrub, this was too much.” Atsumu kicks him off, muttering, “yer worth investing in, ‘Samu. And now you’ll have signs and ads in the stadium and ya can set up a booth to sell yer food.” +

For Osamu, it feels like Atsumu’s fully accepted of his dream and fully supports him. And there’s no better feeling in the world. “Thank you, Atsumu.” “Happy birthday, Osamu.”

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