THE WORLD: MOVEMENT talk event in Kobe 9/4 They came out to Hongjoong rapping the first part of Guerrilla w/ Mingi doing his adlibs. 😍🎵 (FYI quotes will be 🇯🇵 for speaking Japanese & 🇰🇷 for Korean)

The whole hour they never stopped waving back and making hearts with ATINY. Idk what it was about the girl in front of me, but she got almost all of Jongho's attention 😂 I was low key jealous. He did not wave to me.

Intros(all 🇯🇵): HJ: I'm ATEEZ'S captain, Hongjoong. San: Am I cool? I'm Cool San. HJ: Your name is Cool? San: Yes. I'm Cool San (goodbye Choi, I guess? 😅)

JH: Konnichiwa, my position is main vocal. I'm Jongho. WY: I'm ATEEZ'S Wooyoung. YH: Konnichiwa eveyone, I'm Yunho. YS: Konnichiwa I'm Yeosang. SH: Konnichiwa I'm Seonghwa. MG:Konnichiwaaaaaaa. I'm very Mingi. (Yunho & Atiny all cracked up) MG:Konnichiwa, Furuya-san (the MC)

Furuya-san: It's only been a month since you last came to Japan and I'm sure your happy to see your fans again, but are you enjoying your stay this time? MG:🇯🇵 It's been a lot of fun. I've been happy. And I'm so happy to have seen Atiny. San: 🇯🇵 Their faces are so beautiful so

San (cont):🇯🇵 seeing them everyday, I'm very happy. Furuya-san: They're wearing masks, though? San: 🇯🇵 I saw them with my heart. Furuya-san: You can see their faces with your heart? HJ:🇯🇵 Their eyes are the most beautiful. Furuya-san: OK eveyone, flutter your eyelashes at them〜a

Furuya-san: So ATEEZ can see ATINY with their hearts, but how many of you went to the concerts in July? (pretty much everyone raised their hands and the teezers looked happily surprised) Furuya-san: Please applaud if you enjoyed it! (big applause)(shouting isn't allowed bc covid)

Furuya-san: it was really amazing, wasn't it! MG: 🇯🇵 Oh, really? Furuya-san: Yes... MG:🇯🇵 Thank you! Furuya-san: I really did watch the whole thing! Start to finish! This time, though, you're in Kobe. What do you think of it? Did you see the scenery?

Several teezers: 🇯🇵Kobe beef. Furuya-san: Kobe beef? Were you looking at a cow?? Furuya-san: Kobe is a great port city with a lot of beautiful sites. San:🇯🇵 Yes! It's very beautiful. I want to go somewhere the fans recommend. HJ: 🇯🇵 We wanna eat Kobe beef.

Furuya-san: Kobe beef? Oh, uh, ok, just-just a second. (calls off stage) Excuse me〜!!! HJ:🇯🇵 Furuya-san! Yes please! MG: 🇯🇵Me too, me too! Sukiyaki! Furuya-san: Kobe beef sukiyaki?... Can you give me a a second? Can I go to the bank real quick? (everyone's laughing) Sorry,

Furuya-san (cont): I only have 2000 yen in my wallet right now. So, moving on, you released your new album THE WORLD: MOVEMENT. You've tried a lot of new things, but what kind of challenges did you have? (what kind of efforts did you make?) SH: 🇰🇷In this comeback,

SH (cont): 🇰🇷This time, our music and performance and style was a bit different and I think Atiny probably felt like "ahh, ATEEZ has a bit of a different atmosphere this time" and enjoyed our efforts.

Furuya-san: Atiny really appreciated your efforts. And by the way, your glasses are very cool. SH: 🇰🇷Woohh.. Furuya-san, I tried copying you. MG: 🇯🇵You're the same! SH: 🇯🇵Yeah, the same! San: 🇯🇵You look the same!

Furuya-san: the same?? Hold on... We're kinda completely different. You're cool and I'm an uncle (a middle-aged man). So, now I'll ask Yunho a question: through this album, is there any area in which you feel you've grown? (gotten better) YH: 🇯🇵My power in performances has.

MG: 🇯🇵Yunho-san. Please show us. (Furuya-san starts the "sho〜w us sho〜w us" chant) MG: 🇯🇵He is the performance king. (Yunho kinda shyfully dances the chorus of Guerrilla while HJ (& someone else but I was too busy looking at YH) sang it for him.

MG: 🇯🇵 He's so cool. Furuya-san: That was great. YH: 🇯🇵 Thank you Furuya-san: Everyone, what did you think? (we applause madly, of course) OK then, Mr. San. San-san. (istg we love this so much 😂) How did you feel listening to this album? San(..... -san😂):🇯🇵 you really have to

San-san (cont):🇯🇵 have to pay attention. All the songs, including the choreo, are really strong, so there are a lot of things to pay attention to, so please listen to all of the songs on the album. (to Atiny) Do you like all the songs? Furuya-san: So as for expressions,

Furuya-san(cont): were there any things you were particular about or want ppl to see? San-san: 🇯🇵Our choreo. Furuya-san: You say your choreo, but mmm I think I might not understand... hmm.. MG:🇯🇵 please show us (chants start again - from Jongho 😂) San:🇯🇵 ok, I'll dance Sector 1.

HJ:🇰🇷which part? (San signals and teezers sing while he dances the "make it rain, yeah yeah, yeah" part) Furuya-san: I really understood Ateez's power just now. This (copies this part 😂) MG: It's same as us! (HJ starts the "sho〜w us" chant for Furuya-san, who looks bewildered,

does it again! 😂 The teezers go WOOOOOHH) MG: Excuse me, are you Ateez? Furuya-san: No, I'm 40s. So. Mingi, what about you? MG: 🇰🇷 I think the amount of effort we made is a major point. Everyone, have you listened to the album? (oc we have 😭❤️) 🇰🇷🇯🇵Please listen to it a lot.

Furuya-san: Is there any particular part you like? SH:🇯🇵I like Mingi's rap the best. Furuya-san: hm? Rap? Which part? I kinda can't remember... (teezers start the "show us") MG:🇯🇵OK, what do you want to hear? YS:🇯🇵the one I like is Mingi's New World rap. (SH starts pretending

to do the rap) YS:🇯🇵Oh wow you're so good MG: Oh, uh......(breathes heavily).... ok. Furuya-san: OK??? (Mingi starts doing the rap and stops suddenly part way through) Everyone:??? MG: (continues) MG: (stops again) Everyone:??!! MG:🇯🇵(in rap voice) Sorry!Furuya-san: You forgot.

MG:🇯🇵 Yes. We haven't performed New World much. YH? YS? SH?: 🇯🇵 but you did well MG: (so softly😂) thank you Furuya-san: but your voice.... It's SO cool. HJ:🇯🇵 his voice is insane MG:(looking sheepish but pleased??) 🇯🇵thank you

Furuya-san: The album's title song is Guerrilla, and it's turned out to be a great song, but what do you think is the part to pay attention to? Of course, I think it's a great song in its entirety, but what is the part you want ppl to pay attention to?

(I can't remember who said it - probably Sann?)🇯🇵 I think it's Hongjoong's intro. It's a big part of the song, so Hongjoong-san. We want to see it. MG: (laaauuughs) (more to come please give me time)

(aaaaaannnnd we're back!) HJ does his rap intro as the other members do the fan chants. I rushed to record and caught when Mingi did the HJ laugh part again😂

Furuya-san: It's so amazing. San: 🇯🇵 There's so much! (everyone's laughs/wows die down) MG: Our faces are really the main focus of this song. Furuya-san: Your faces? MG:🇯🇵Yes Furuya-san: What kind of faces are there in Guerrilla? Kinda strong? Kinda scary?

MG:🇰🇷? 🇯🇵They're really strong. (Furuya-san?) Sho〜w us👏 SH: (makes a face) HJ: Seonghwa-san, your part (sings beginning of no more lies part) MG: 🇰🇷you have to do it from here to there (indicates where HJ is sitting lol) SH: music please (HJ leads in singing the part)

(And this boy 🤣🤣🤣 literally does his break dance demon head turn dance to literally the other side of the stage like he's gonna go off stage😂) HJ:🇯🇵 see guy again next time! Let's meet up in Seoul! Furuya-san: He just danced that way all the way back to Seoul..

SH: 🇯🇵 Thanksss HJ: 🇯🇵 Thank you! Furuya-san: So what about Yeosang? What's the main point for you? YS:🇰🇷 there are a lot of things to look at, but I think the last part where we do our hands like this is the best. (does his part😂)

YS:🇰🇷I'd like to try this with ATINY (proceeds to teach us how to do it with HJ giving a few supplementary instructions to make it clearer which left/right YS means😂❤️ others copy. we get to the end and YS goes):🇯🇵 1,2,3 (ENG)The Guerrillas〜🎶(he looks VERY proud of himself🥰)

YS: You are all ATEEZ, too! Furuya-san: Looking at the audience from here, there was a crazy wave of fingers...But Wooyoung, what part of Guerrilla do you think is the main point? WY: I also think it's the performance Furuya-san: Performance?... what..? JH: Shooow us👏Shooow us👏

(WY gets ready to dance the "make a move" part) MG:🇯🇵Wooyoung is really 🇰🇷special. There's a sexy version! (Atiny clapping like crazy while Wooyoung is giving *a look* to Mingi 😂) JH: (immediately starts singing the part anf Wooyoung adds some sexy flair (think inception) to it

Furuya-san: That was very sexy, thank you. But Jongho is also sexy, isn't he? (as Jongho makes the most 😳whatareyoutalkingabout face ever 🤣) San: 🇯🇵Yes, that is right! HJ:🇯🇵 Shooow us.👏 Seeexxy.👏

JH:(clears his throat) I'll... I'll sing my part (takes out his in-ear & throws a few notes behind him as me & every other Atiny realize we're getting LIVE Jongho vocals yall) AND THEN HE SINGS THIS 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️(sry about quality - I had to scramble to record w/out getting caught)

(everyone's clapping wildly) Furuya-san: Your voice is just amazing. Teezers:🇯🇵It's crazy/It's incredible Furuya-san: I know we suddenly asked a lot of you (Jongho didn't know that was coming so he hadn't prepared to sing), so thank you so much. We've just heard what Ateez thinks

Furuya-san(cont): are the parts to look at, so please check them again when you go home. So, these are the last questions from me. We will now be taking questions from the audience. (staff wheels out a fucking CART OF ROSES😭) (I'll be back later with the 2nd half of the talk👍)

Back! Furuya-san: Let's get some questions about the new album. (staff looked at us in the front middle section for two seconds and was like naw, yall've been blessed enough, and heads to the back sections 😂 which, like, fair. Staff picks a person) Furuya-san: What's your name?

Atiny: I'm *** MG: *chan (eveyone whines in jealousy) Furuya-san: What's your question? ***: I have a question for Wooyoung. Including all the comebacks up until now, you've had a lot of stages, so I'd like to know what the most difficult stage was.

WY:🇰🇷the most difficult? HMMMMMMM... (other members start copying him, sounding like motorcycles passing by 😂) WY:🇰🇷 We had our 1st comeback stage (for this album) on a Friday. Wee did well, but that next Saturday, when we wore our red stage outfits on M!Countdown was very hard

HJ:🇯🇵Wooyoung-san, what about KCON? WY: 🇰🇷(short 'hah') That was really hard. SAN: 🇯🇵 KCON is(was?) really hard. YH: 🇯🇵 Which one was harder? WY: (bitter laughing like "do I even have to say it?")... 🇰🇷KCON was so hard. SAN: 🇯🇵Because there are a lot of performances.

Furuya-san: It seems like it really was. (to Atiny) Did that answer your question? ***: Yes, thank you. Furuya-san: I'm sure that hard experience is what led to such a memorable performance. (staff sends her a rose & then picks another Atiny) Furuya-san: Please tell us your name

Atiny: I'm ** Furuya-san: You have a Yeosang sign, but I'll ask just in case, who is your question for? **: Yeosang. **: We were able to see Doberman Yeosang during the Guerrilla comeback, but please tell us what you had to work on the most in order to show us that Doberman.

YS:🇯🇵Thank you very much 🇰🇷That makes me feel really good. First of all, I'm always a Doberman, but I did things like working out constantly think about what I can do to show an even cooler stage. (lucky Atiny gets a rose via staff 🥲)

Furuya-san: Next question. What's your name? Atiny: *** HJ: Mario? Atiny: * * * Furuya-san: oh no, you made her angry! (everyone has a laugh as the teezers all repeat her name correctly) What is your question? ***: I want to ask eveyone... Furuya-san: go ahead!

HJ:🇯🇵To all the fans? Furuya-san: NO, not to the fans! I wouldn't need to be here for that. MG:(bowing to the Atiny)🇯🇵Sorry! We're sorry! HJ: I was joking! Just a joke! ***: Who's the member you found yourself suddenly thinking "wow he's so cool"? Furuya-san: Are you a reporter?

HJ: uhhhhh 🇯🇵 Everyone is amazing. YH:🇯🇵 but? HJ: 🇯🇵but.. uh.. Well, San is uh (San gets that perky happily surprised look) HJ:🇯🇵 I.. (asks San for a Japanese word) 🇯🇵 my thought is that Jongho is the coolest. (Jongho looks in total disbelief again 😭😂 so cute!)

HJ: Everything about him is cool, but his voice is the best. (Jongho still gummy-smiling 🥹) HJ:🇰🇷I always get surprised by his singing (pats Jongho's head and we all go kyaaaaaaaa) (it's now 1am & I'm exhausted! I'll be back with the other members' answers as soon as I can 🤙)

OK! Here's the rest of ATEEZ's answers to the last question: Furuya-san: What about you, Seonghwa-san? SH:🇯🇵I think it's Yeosang. His body is really perfect and his performances are really powerful. So... he's my favorite member (gets up to love on Yeosang a bit)

Furuya-san: And what about Jongho, who HJ picked? JH:🇰🇷I'm gonna go with Hongjoong. He starts off Guerrilla and his voice there is just really cool. HJ:🇯🇵Jongho, I'm shy〜 JH:🇰🇷But there's 1 thing I think is unfortunate.. (mocks HJ's backpack shaking🤣)(flat voice) I got it bad.

HJ:🇯🇵Ah this is embarrassing (ノ´∀`*) (Furuya-san laughs, but looks a bit confused) HJ:🇯🇵 at concerts and lives.. 🇰🇷I have a bag like this (sings the opening while mimicking his backpack jiggles) Furuya-san: So you had that kind of idea- HJ:(does the jiggle again)🇯🇵a new bag🎶

(we're all dying laughing) Furuya-san: Why are you trying to show off a new bag??... Ok, Wooyoung, how about you? WY:🇰🇷 I also think Jongho is amazing (loves him a bit & JH looks embarrassed😁) Sometimes he has to wake up at 7 or 6 or even 3am to prerecord, but he always

WY(cont):🇰🇷he always sings live, so I get motivation from him and I think he's a really hard worker. Furuya-san: That is very nice. WY:🇰🇷 I also think it's amazing he does what we tell him (joking) (we're all laughing and Jongho is hehet-ing and turning around to hide his face😂)

Furuya-san: How about you, Yunho? YH:🇯🇵 I thin Mingi's the coolest. Especially- MG:🇯🇵 That's my friend 😁 YH: 🇯🇵 during the rap part, his dancing is so cool. (looks at MG & smiles) Mingi... Show us😁 HJ:🇯🇵Shooow us. Cool choreo

MG:(gets up to dance but when they start singing, he pauses like ⁉️) San:🇯🇵Ah! Did you forg-🫢 (Mingi gives them a look and HJ & YH realize they started at a different point that what Mingi had wanted) HJ: Oh, we are Hooligans (a 5, 6, 7, 8 & Mingi dances. I am 6 meters away🫠)

Mingi finishes a bit shyfully and San goes:🇯🇵 are you embarrassed? Mingi:🇯🇵Yes Furuya-san: I was a little sexy, wasn't it. Very nice job. Yeosang, what is your answer? YS: 🇰🇷 I have two I want to pick. I chose Seonghwa and Yunho (SH&YH come up from both sides of YS to hug him🥹)

SH:🇯🇵Yeosang is the best YS:🇰🇷First, Yunho has worked so hard on performances during this comeback. He's been great at leading us in the dances & has given a lot of advice about our stages. Watching him do that, I thought he was really cool. YH:🇯🇵I wanna eat Kobe beef (´✪ω✪ ` )

YS: Ahh....ok,ok. (really fast)🇰🇷And so Seonghwa has watched us a lot from the side and whether it's the whole stage (?) or his individual parts, he studies (thinks) a lot about what to do and I thought "wow I need to learn from him". SH: woooh 🇯🇵thank you HJ:🇯🇵2 Kobe beefs now.

Furuya-san: 2?? YH(i think): 🇯🇵Mr. Kang let's go〜 Furuya-san: (couldn't catch what he said in response) So what about Seonghwa? SH:🇯🇵I think all members 🇰🇷are cool. HJ:🇯🇵 Kobe beef... 🇰🇷8? 😄 SH:🇰🇷There are many difficulties, like when we're preparing for stages,

SH(cont):🇰🇷 Like in Sector 1, San comes to the front and during that part, I can see all the members who are on the sides of the stage. Everyone has focused expressions and they're giving each other high fives and saying "fighting", so in those moments,

SH(cont):🇰🇷I feel like we can do nothing but give it our all, even if it's physically demanding. So that's why I think the ATEEZ member are really cool. Furuya-san: 😌That's such a nice story.

Furuya-san: So, last - Mingi. MG:🇯🇵I think you're so cool. Atiny:😂?? Furuya-san:I haven't been a participant in the Guerrilla promotions, though?💦 MG: 🇯🇵Join us!😄 (I saw Woo mouthing something to Jongho & they both nodded. I don't think Mingi saw, but as fate would have it..

MG:🇯🇵 But to be real, I think Wooyoung and Seonghwa are cool. All of our members have important points, but Wooyoung's face is really sexy (Woo stars shaking his head no really fast) 🇰🇷You don't like that? WY: 🇰🇷No, no (meaning he didn't dislike it)

MG:🇰🇷But, Wooyoung uses his whole body. I think that's really cool. 🇯🇵And Seonghwa, his eyes are really crazy. 🇰🇷During our final stage, I saw his face. His eyes are large, but they looked really huge that day (tries to copy Hwa's demon eyes but😂) What should I do? (can't do it)

MG(cont):🇰🇷 It was strong(scary-looking) but very cool. Furuya-san: Since everyone answered, let's pass the rose from Mingi all the way to Hongjoong and then to the staff, that way it's passed through everyone's hands.

They start passing the rose. MG & SH pretend to kiss it, but YS just goes for & kisses it 😂 then YH, then WY. JH hugged it gently against his chest with both arms and Atiny were kyaaa-ing about that more than the kisses 😂😂 San kisses it and Hongjoong.. pretended to eat it.

As Hongjoong pretends to eat the rose, San goes "nyam nyam nyam" and Mingi says something but I didn't catch it YH:🇯🇵 Is it yummy? SH: What are we gonna do if she doesn't want it anymore? Staff passes the rose along & Furuya-san says it's almost time to end 😭💔

We got to take pictures/videos for a full minute, but even with my pixel 6 pro, the pics didn't turn out to great (╥﹏╥) Atiny theory is that it's bc the distance and stage lighting. I don't have many good pics, but I'll leave the few ok ones I got as well as the video.

Fot goodbyes, HJ told us to go home safely, San said he loves us JH thanked us for always supporting them, WY said thank you (I forgot what else😭), YH said he loves us, YS said to go home safely & eat well, SH thanks & he loves us, & MG made us promise to meet again in December

And that's the end of the thread! I hope you enjoyed their shenanigans and heartfelt responses and that it brought some more joy to your day 💕

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