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John Doe



After reading so much from the DMs of today. Let me pass a few words to young men. 1) a woman that's your agemate is "wiser" than you. 2) when you fall in love, don't fall for love. 3) for the umpteenth time, stop spending money unnecessarily for women. 4) stop being a Mr.

nice guy. 5) listen to a man much older than you when he tries to advise you. 6) go close to your fathers. 7) don't ignore women & chase money alone. 8) don't fear women or hate women. 9) stop taking money from women. 10) stop having unprotected sex with small girls.

11) any woman that is always begging you for money is cheating on you. 12) never take back a woman you've caught cheating. 13) if you catch her cheating, leave her alone & stay far away from her. 14) vet her mother thoroughly. 15) if she's from a single mother, please be

careful. 16) if you're currently paying for school fees, house rent & other major bills for her, stop it now. 17) not every relationship you enter into and come out means you have an ex. 18) honor your mother & make sure you introduce the lady you plan to marry to her early

enough. 19) stop gambling or don't get addicted to it. 20) stop doing fraudulent things. 21) learn to start reading life changing books outside what you study. 22) have much elder people (women & men) as friends. 23) abolish scarcity mindset 24) in all your imperfections,

never forget to look up to God. If you take time to go through all the DMs I've been sharing of late, you will see yourself in at least 2 or 3 of the stories. Time and again, you must have seen your own life story being displayed to you on this page. You don't have to share

your own stories with me before you learn. Even me as a married man & the owner of this page, I see myself in some people's stories. I learn from it & make amends. See this page as your go-to page for relationship, family and marriage. And it's not a gender baised page.

As long as you are open to learning & teachable & you're not disrespectful. Just because you're sleeping with a woman doesn't mean you have arrived. Men that are decades older than you still get screwed up by women. And this doesn't mean that this page will save you

completely. It will only guide you & help you identify & amend when you see the consequences of your decisions or choices. You know why? Because you're human & we're prone to mistakes (deliberate or not). Lastly, never use my teachings for evil. Use them positively. End.

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